As purple Festivus season is upon us, alas the real Grinch continues to be Peter G. Angelos

December 24, 2010 | Nestor Aparicio

suck. It’s the fact that this community hasn’t screamed bloody murder at the 15 years of atrocities set forth on Baltimore and the liars and media on the take who are complicit and cover up all of the lies.

As a lifelong Orioles fan I deserve better.

Here’s the truth: They’ve got the scam of the century working right now.

A greedy, aging owner who has completely wrecked the franchise from the public perspective while reaping hundreds of millions of dollars of profit from the city while simultaneously lowering the bar of expectations, neutering the media entirely from even opining and pocketing millions of dollars and feigning ignorance and preaching patience through a lifelong blood-sucker of cash for ownership, which will one day get him the highest coronation possible for bloodsucking MLB owners – the Commissionership of the game.

As a lover of Baltimore and its sports scene, I will be the one who courageously speaks the truth.

And harkening back to the days of hope, promise, a soldout Camden Yards and Moonlight Madness complete with Elrod Hendricks in a Santa outfit, this Christmas morning is no different in the realm of my baseball fandom.

There really is no hope.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Angelos.

Thus far, you really are a heel…

But if I can ask for one Christmas gift this year it would be for you to find a way – any way – to have a heart and give us our baseball team back.

One that we can be proud of…

One that we can wake up on Christmas morning and really believe that someone over there is trying to win on the field instead of stuffing all of the money into his own stocking.

How much profit is enough, Mr. Angelos?

How much does losing hurt you?

When is this going to change?