Chapter 15: How it all fell apart for Angelos — and it certainly didn’t have to be this way

March 19, 2012 | WNST Staff

or making excuses for them or kissing their ass or whatever, would it honestly bring YOU back into the fold of being a season ticket holder or a regular ballpark visitor?

If they wrote me a check — like they do to virtually every media outlet in this city from WBAL to WJZ to Sinclair Broadcasting to The Sun to The Examiner to Baltimore Magazine — then they would have bought me off too, and would that have really helped their circumstance greatly anyway?

I can only speak for myself as to why I, personally, stay away.

But those thousands of empty seats tell me that I’m one of MANY, MANY people who feel similarly. And, again, everyone has a different reason but for most it comes down to the ownership group.

Except, of course, when the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees come to Baltimore…

The media should be ashamed for letting this slide and get to this point without reporting on it. But now that they’re finally here and the facts are becoming more public, good for them!

Maybe they just needed some gentle guidance that they actually work FOR the community and its interests, not for the richest man in the state.

The pictures I’ve put on the web to accompany this story are my mementos of all of the good times I had being a media member and being given the responsibility of being one of your ears and eyes and voice in Birdland.

Just so you know how I really feel: when it’s all said and done and I’m on my deathbed, the a**holes I’ve endured probably won’t matter or affect me nearly as much as the nice people I’ve met during this journey.

And there have been SO many nice people that I’ve met around the ballpark and through the game of baseball.

So, I’ll just dedicate this segment to those guys who went out of their way and did cool stuff for me or made my life easier when I was living my ultimate childhood dream: to be chasing the BALTIMORE Orioles around the country with a press pass and having an audience to report back to who was living the dream and pulling for the team to do well along with me.