Does Peter Angelos even hear cries of Baltimore Orioles fans around the world?

March 23, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio

(This is the final installment of a 19 Chapter Series on how baseball and the Orioles created It was originally posted on Sept. 21, 2006 on the day of our “Free The Birds” walkout. This is how I felt that day but as I’ll be writing over the next few days, it’s not exactly how I feel now…)

Look we’re not trying to cause World War III here.

We all can easily realize there are bigger problems in the world than our absent love of baseball or Peter Angelos’ use of his money and power and ego. And we’re certainly not calling him a bad man or evil or whatever.

In fact, I’m absolutely convinced that he thinks he’s doing the right thing at every turn. I’m certain that he thinks he’s a great guy, a misunderstood man of another era, a highly intelligent, deeply charitable soul. I really, honest to God think, that he WANTS to do the right thing. And I really get the feeling that he really believes we’re all dead wrong about how we feel or just stupid.

And he’s certainly given more money to more charitable causes and foundations than most people in this city, so his intentions are not really in question.

But as a baseball owner, if he wants to go out a hero, bow out, have his moment in the sun, a chance to say (like I’ve done with several ex-girlfriends) that “it all worked out in the end” — he’ll get his chance soon enough.

But I’m really convinced that his “feel good” exit options are getting more and more limited given his approval rating as king. Get down to the Inner Harbor around 2 this afternoon and you’ll see what I mean! To see the rally, you must BE the rally!

To my logic and to my ears from every corner of the community I hear one thing en masse: SELL THE TEAM.

The only exit strategy in this campaign where our protagonist becomes a hero is to: SELL THE TEAM.

So, today, Mr. Angelos we put before you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us God: The plaintiffs, BALTIMORE ORIOLES fans of all ages, races, colors and creeds — and even some from Washington, D.C. — do find the DEFENDANTS, Peter G. Angelos and his ownership group, GUILTY of bad baseball management.

Or as the now clichéd-Donald Trump would say: “Peter, you’re fired!”

Free The Birds!

If Peter Angelos decides to sell the team sometime very soon — for a King’s ransom and a tidy profit on the initial investment — he can still walk away from this thing as the world’s greatest guy, especially if he hands the baton to the Sacred Cal of Aberdeen and his Knights of Harford County.

We could hold the ceremony on Opening Day, April 3, 2007, with a key to the city, the Mayor, the Governor, maybe even every celebrity Oriole fan and some select Oriole greats like Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer, Eddie Murray and Earl Weaver looking on — a giant ceremonial contract/sale signing on a stage at shortstop — the same spot that they did it on Sept. 6, 1995, when the world was watching Camden Yards. There’d be orange balloons