Does Peter Angelos even hear cries of Baltimore Orioles fans around the world?

March 23, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio


as his teammates glared during batting practice accusing me of saying something that I honestly never said about him. (I had three coaches and two players privately coming to ME to throw him under the bus with words for his cowardly stance on facing Randy Johnson every time Seattle came to town.)

Palmeiro was a cowardly bully even in 1996.

But what difference at this point does it do to ask anyone questions or find people willing to admit guilt or point fingers. We were all guilty and foolish, in retrospect.

Look, I’m no angel here, obviously — never professed to be. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes behind the microphone and elsewhere (I was 23 — almost my son’s age, when this ship set sail), but I ALWAYS cared about the Orioles and wanted them to win and prosper. And I always wanted to believe everything they did was good and right.

With the spiritual guidance of my Pop and what he thought was right about baseball and sports, I grew from Dundalk and lived to build this little radio station and I decided we were going to stand for something that the Orioles of Peter G. Angelos have seemed to have forgotten: community.

Without the people this team is nothing. And today the people are saying, ostensibly, you don’t have us anymore. And we have tuned out your message. And we have tuned out your team. And we have tuned out baseball. And we will silently sit through summer after summer until training camp opens in Westminster each July, waiting for the purple team to play.

I’ve walked the streets the past eight weeks, touched thousands of people and read hundreds and hundreds of passionate and desperate emails from disgruntled former customers of Peter Angelos and the BALTIMORE Orioles.

It’s been a very cathartic experience along with writing the volumes of material you’ve been hearing and reading the past few weeks.

It’s not personal. It’s business, just like the court cases Angelos has won to become a billionaire over the years.

Someone has to win and someone has to lose.

And today is a massive civic memo to Mr. Angelos: you’ve lost. The game is over for you.

I don’t speak for anyone besides me. I’m just one voice, but today there will be thousands who will echo that sentiment. And I can’t tell you how many people have emailed me and said they can’t make it with us on the march today, but are with us “in spirit.” And every one of them used that phrase: IN SPIRIT. How ever many of us there are — and I honestly believe there will be 10,000 of us given the positive weather forecast

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  1. justafan Says:

    Peter Angelos does not care anything at all about his fan base. He is too busy counting his money!

  2. Paul Says:

    Every year since 1964 I get ready for Oriole baseball. As much as I love Baltimore football, Oriole baseball has always been my first love.

    As bad(at times)I know it is, I still start every year in a positive mode for Oriole Baseball. I love this city and it’s sports.

    Well, as the old saying goes, “Love is truly blind”


  3. Don Newbery Says:

    Reading Paul’s comments,reading Nestor’s comments and hearing many Oriole fans in Maryland saying similar words, I wonder why all of you continue to throw your money at the Oriole’s organization.

    As the owners of Barnum & Baily Circus always said, “There is a sucker born every minute!” Are all of them the baseball fans who keep giving their money to the Major League frauds in Camden Yards? Is there someone in your family who can find better use for your wasted money?

  4. Joe Says:

    Open letter to King Peter: I am a 34 year old, who is born and raised in Baltimore. You have not only ruined this team, but you have taken my love of baseball away. I not only have zero interest in the Orioles (for the first time in my life), but you have taken the sport I grew up playing and killed it. Die or sell the team.


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