Does Peter Angelos even hear cries of Baltimore Orioles fans around the world?

March 23, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio

and interest, but I’m only really guessing and hoping and wondering myself, but I’d be stunned if there aren’t at least 5,000 — there are a dozen more behind each of us who feel the same way.

I just know it, simply hearing the feedback in the parking lots during the three Ravens’ games these past six weeks. Those signs are going to wind up all over town, you’ll see. In car windows. In store fronts. Someone else will make a fortune selling FREE THE BIRDS T-shirts, bumper stickers. You’ll see. Today isn’t the beginning AND the end. It’s just the beginning.

You wanna know the sad, sad reality of this whole deal: not one person has come to me, publicly or privately, to defend him or say anything at all nice about him.

Not ONE!

Some have pulled me aside and said that his kids are nice guys. I’ve never personally spoken to either one of them. I’ve never laid eyes on Lou that I’m aware of and I’ve exchanged a wave to John once in Fort Lauderdale, but that’s about it. The late Syd Thrift once told me that they were “nice kids, but introverts, uncomfortable with all of the attention.”

Even his friends and associates and folks who do business with him and some people actually IN THE WAREHOUSE have sent me notes and messages saying that we’re doing the right thing today.

You know, I was furiously angry with him for all those years, but I honestly now kinda feel sorry for him, to be honest with you. All that money, all that power and he’s killing the community’s spirit and mojo with his mismanagement of a civic treasure of a baseball franchise and running it further into the ground every day?

It’s really kinda pathetic and very, very sad, if you ask me, how a man with that much financial wealth and charity can be so disliked in by a community that he wants to so badly serve and contribute to and promote.

I’m also wondering if that’s “wealth” at all, to be honest with you.

Forget the money!

I wouldn’t want to be hated like he is, and I really wouldn’t use that word normally, but in all of those parking lots and emails that’s the word I always hear: hate!

Man, these are some STRONG, STRONG feelings people who love the Orioles have!

As I told last week, people are really, really pissed off, but they feel absolutely HELPLESS to create any change. And of course, the majority of the rest of the so-called “legitimate media” — many of whom have no true voice at all because they work for a corporate entity or a partner of Peter Angelos (and that would be WJFK, WBAL, WJZ, WBFF, MASN and The Examiner) — have been busy for days now either ignoring the rally, disparaging me or my radio station or calling today’s march a “publicity stunt” or saying that we’re all wasting our time.

Maybe we are, maybe we aren’t. Who knows? But letting the ballpark go empty all summer doesn’t seem to be creating a helluva