Chapter 7: Finally, a 1983 World Series crown for Baltimore

March 11, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio

and kicked it a few times over the years. And, now, lo and behold, her husband was the STAR of the Phillies.

As I told her at the time, “You didn’t just marry a baseball player, you married a PHILLIE!”

We’re still friends to this day (we speak every few months) and our paths have crossed so many times — at All Star Games, World Series, in Philadelphia, Arizona, Boston — I couldn’t mention them all. When the Schillings lived in Pennsylvania during his Phils’ years, their annual Christmas party was a can’t miss in December and my son, Barry, thought it was the greatest thing, running amok in Schilling’s house and checking out all of his baseball memorabilia (and NO ONE has a bigger collection than Curt, who is a true baseball historian!)

But strange, that 23 years ago, I banged pots and pan on Bank Street with a guy who’s brother-in-law would go on to win two World Series himself, and one of them was for my future’s wife’s favorite team in Boston, where they thought they’ve NEVER win a title.

It IS a small world after all, no?

If you weren’t banging pots and pans after Tito Landrum’s home run to take the Orioles to the World Series on Oct. 8, 1983, you were probably headed to Friendship Airport (how in the world did someone EVER rename Friendship Airport…could your airport POSSIBLY have a better name?) to drink in the enthusiasm.

We piled in Mike Daugherty’s little beater car and headed down, but it was futile. There were so many people waiting for that charter back from Chicago that the road was a total snarl. But we STILL had fun and we were going to the World Series.

The 1983 postseason and World Series was a gem all the way around. There is no better month in the memory reserve of my life than October 1983.

My two favorite teams playing the World Series!

I couldn’t figure out whether it was a blessing or a curse?

I actually wore BOTH colors to all four games of the Series I attended. One night I’d wear a Phillies shirt and an Oriole hat. The next I’d switch. It really didn’t matter to me who won, though now I’m clearly glad Rick Dempsey stepped up as the MVP and hero.
It sure made my Pop happy as hell that night in the Veterans Stadium parking lot