Free The Birds & Peter Angelos: Where are the Orioles 6 years later?

March 30, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio

orange, the suicide of Mike Flanagan – it’s all been well-documented here at

We’re the only ones who have had the audacity to report the truth and we’ll continue that this week.

We’ve reported facts regarding the botched managerial searches and failure to recruit Joe Girardi and Bobby Valentine, who both interviewed in Baltimore and will be running the Yankees and Red Sox this year.

The keystone disgrace of the botched GM search last fall that landed an otherwise MLB pariah (and so far incompetent) like Duquette, who has already had the team thrown out of the one of the Asian markets that was allegedly the ticket to the promised for the franchise.

Duquette’s biggest accomplishments after inheriting a complete mess was to add Endy Chavez, Wilson Betimit and Dana Eveland (who has already been designated for assignment) while trading away the Colorado Rockies’ Opening Day starter in Jeremy Guthrie for a bag of baseballs because they didn’t want to pay him.



Duquette then participated in screwing Matt Wieters out of a legitimate raise – a “Welcome to the Orioles” moment if there ever were one. And the new GM has also dangled Mark Reynolds in trade rumors throughout spring training while the team’s best asset — Adam Jones – looks to be a future trading deadline bait extraordinaire.

There are even whispers of putting Angelos’ dearly beloved Nick Markakis on the trading block before Aug. 1st once the Orioles fall out of contention. But, of course, that would have to be run past Mrs. Angelos, who also is more involved in many more decisions around The Warehouse than anyone ever reports.

Oh, the front office is also bringing six “legends” back to shamelessly promote the glory of the one thing that era had – people who legitimately wanted (and NEEDED) to win to make money. And the Orioles will also be “celebrating” 20 years of mostly awfulness and shame at Oriole Park at Camden Yards with more shameless profiteering off the history of the team when they cared about winning.

Instead, as fans and as a community, we have the Orioles as a shell of their former glory in Baltimore.

It’s a disgrace – everything about it is so sub-par.

And Baltimore fans have apparently quit on hope for the near future with Angelos and the Orioles.

Every Orioles fan I chat with feels trapped.

Baltimore fans feel like it’s a “checkmate” and we’re held endlessly captive to Angelos’ profiteering and complete lack of concern for the pride of the city and the quality of baseball he’s fielding for our citizens.

OR as several local business owners have privately said to me: “He doesn’t care about anyone but himself…”

Or, as “Agent Orange” a.k.a. the world’s self-professed Baltimore Orioles apologist has often said in my kitchen while drinking beer. “Until Peter Angelos dies you’re not gonna change d**k about the Orioles!”

The amazing part of the Orioles is Andy MacPhail’s recent ability to extract himself from the stench of the Orioles without anything sticking to him.

Lee Mazzilli might be scarred…and Mike Flanagan is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound — but most people, if they actually stay in Major League Baseball, somehow seem to land in a better place.

Willie Randolph likes TV better. So did Buck. Perlozzo is busy trying to win World Series games in Philadelphia. And MacPhail will be commissioner sometime soon.

Just like the Orioles botched foray into dominating the Asian market – where “honor” is everything — and proceeding to lie in Korea and get thrown out within six weeks – everyone is constantly trying to “save face” when they discuss this smelling turd.

And MASN tries every night at the expense of the likes of Rick Dempsey, Jim Palmer and now Mike Bordick, who are caught up in this maelstrom of lies about intentions, civic awareness and profiteering that is obvious to anyone who isn’t stupid.

Every night I feel sorry for these guys when they have to make excuses for why all of this sucks and for guys like Palmer and Dempsey, who have not only watched the team fall into a state of disgrace but have also watched while dear friends like Flanagan have left us along the way.

All summer long we’ll be hearing Jim Hunter, Joe Angel and Fred Manfra tell us to look the other way until Manny Machado and Dylan Bundy are soon-to-be-showing-up to

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  1. jpetrosino Says:

    I think the only way to stop the MASN cash cow is for a reporter (hint WNST) to knock on Comcast’s door and ask them why they feel the need to continue paying MASH $3/month automatically for every customer. Let Comcast know that Comcast can end their agreement with MASN and simply absorb the extra $3 we pay by increasing their rates by $2/$3 and they will realize a bigger profit at the expense of MASN. I’d rather pay Comcast then MASN.

    Anyway, the bottom line is that our focus should be targeted towards Comcast to end their MASN deal not towards Angelos/Orioles…they won’t listen to us but they will listen to $$ when that’s at stake!

  2. Al from Arbutus Says:

    I agree with jpetrosino… Does anyone know when the Comcast – MASN deal will come up for renewal and/or renegotiation? Unlike some of the high profile cable company vs. network showdowns recently in New York City, I think Comcast could really lowball MASN next time around and very few customers would notice or complain if MASN disappeared from the cable lineup for a few months (or at least for a couple weeks). It’s not like the Orioles (or the Nationals) will have any “must see now” games any time in the near future. And the rest of MASN programming is even more pathetic than their baseball stuff.

  3. Die Peter Die! Says:

    As long as Peter Angelos lives, and I hope it isnt for much longer, the Orioles will be the worst run franchise in ANY PROFESSIONAL SPORT.

    Also complicit in this entire nightmare is MLB and Bud Selig.

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and they will both die in a plane crush.

  4. BIG Paul Says:

    Thank You WNST for not giving up like all the other media outlets have in this TOWN. It is absolutely DISGUSTING that these stations and so called reporters/sports anchors/etc.can go about every day business and not call out and i mean get angry with the current state of affairs with the ORIOLES. Peter Angelos is sickening in what he has done to this franchise ,town and community. He is a scumbag just like Robert Irsay was in his days of dissolving the COLTS here in BAWLMER. Lets WAKE UP Baltimore and fight this GOOF so that WE AS THE REAL FANS can take back our beloved BIRDS and revitalize a once storied and proud franchise.Show up for the vigil so that the national spotlight and MLB will see WE are not taking this BULLSHIT of a team anymore. 14 straight losing seasons and yes again a last place finish.

  5. John Pollara Says:

    This article stinks, not because of Nestor’s words but the odor coming from the warehouse. I’m an optimistic person but after 14 years, I have totally given up hope. Even if by some miracle, the O’s would finish over .500, what are the chances they would improve on that? A team that markets their spoiler role on the last day of the season as some shining moment is pathetic (but sadly that’s the best they got).

    I was reading the Sun a while ago and the headline said, “Orioles Sign Journeyman…” then the article said what we’ve seen a million times. (Fill in the blank), age 29, hit .243 last year in 45 games with the parent club and spent the rest of the year in AAA. So at that moment I rechristened the Orioles as the “Baltimore Journeymen” until further notice. I think the media should do the same.

    What are sports all about? The Baltimore Ravens are FUN. The Baltimore Journeymen are NOT FUN.

  6. Steve Says:

    Nestor you probily were not around on those dark days of the Baltimore Colts. Baltimore fans refused to support the Colts because Bob Irsay didnt put a real team on the field. During 1978 season he got rid of all those good players Colts had. So those fans were not gonna spend a single hard earned dollar to watch em. Fans averaged only 30,000 a game at Memorial Stadium every sunday. And then Colts left for Indy. And look at Baltimore now they have the Ravens a team plays above .500 for 5 straght seasons. So whzt?? Let em move,, Wwere get a better team in Baltimore because of Camden Yards. If O’s move there are a lot of Clubs would jump right in Baltimore. Look at the A`s its a possibilty they could replace the O’s because the Giants blocked the A’s from going to San Jose. The Rays could move to Baltimore too. Let i said if Fans would just get like Colts fans and dont show up at Camden yards 2 things might happen,,Mr Angelos sells the team or he might move em to Montreal.

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