Free The Birds & Peter Angelos: Where are the Orioles 6 years later?

March 30, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio

save the Orioles.

Just like Rocky Coppinger and Matt Riley. Just like Manny Alexander and Alex Ochoa. Just like Adam Loewen and Matt Wieters.

Every year there’s a new savior for the Orioles.

The Orioles and MASN and Peter Angelos – all one in the same, really – are printing money. And that’s YOUR money. Everyone of you are giving him $38 per year via MASN. It’s a “season ticket” to your pocket.

Like a siphon…

When Ozzie Newsome farts, we all run to smell it and evaluate it and make sure we like the aroma.

The Orioles don’t do anything for years at a time and no one says a word or complains.

Here’s an argument: What WOULD’VE happened if the Orioles had signed Mark Teixeira or Cliff Lee or C.C. Sabathia or Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols or FILL IN THE BLANK…?

What would the reaction in Baltimore be?

Euphoria? Belief in the team’s turnaround? Dramatic season ticket sales uptick?

Perhaps…but I’m guessing that they’re just waiting for the NFL Draft and training camp in Baltimore.

I’m astonished that there are 70,000 Ravens fans wearing purple who are the EXACT same people who would LOVE to have “that experience” – tailgating, partying, rooting, cheering, the whole nine AROUND THE ORIOLES?

What would THAT be worth to you and your springs and summers?

And would you be willing to invest in it?

Just dreaming here. Imagine a sea of orange tailgaters before baseball games…and 81 civic celebrations every summer like the 10 or 11 we get over at the purple stadium…

But the truth is this:

Not only does the team suck, the entire experience of BEING A FAN sucks.

And before I list the bad over the next week in a series of blogs designed to make you think about the value of the Orioles in Baltimore, here’s the two good things about being an Orioles fan – they still have cheap ticket nights and you can bring your own food into the ballpark (the one I always take advantage of!).

So, here’s a memo to Greg Bader – “NESTOR APARICIO LOVES THE FREE FOOD POLICY!!!”

I’m sure it’ll be abandoned sometime around noon next Friday…they’ll probably make up some public safety food issue about plastic bags or aluminum foil…

In my lifetime, I’ve been around a lot of sports teams. Everyone of them had a burning desire to win.

And EVERYONE in Owings Mills WANTS to win. Sometimes they don’t have the right circumstances, the right people, the right draft picks. Let’s be honest, winning isn’t EASY. But the effort is the point and that’s why we should call a collective “BULLS***” on this sick act of perverted profiteering at the expense of the greater good of Baltimore.

It’s sinful, really, that the Baltimore Orioles could be turned into a disgrace while the people of Baltimore and the citizens of Maryland foot the bill to make the richest man in the state richer while the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees and their fanbases stroll through town and kick the s**t outta our baseball team.

And it seems no one gives a damn or cares to speak up.

No one.

Until next Thursday and Friday, that is…

Here’s your chance.

Please come and join us to create awareness @FreeTheBirds12