How can Baltimore simply allow the Orioles to rot like this under Angelos’ greed & profiteering?

April 01, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio

There’s no sense in shirking the responsibility here in Baltimore — the facts that show this community has been complicit in the damage done during this baseball free fall on the field and profiteering being done off the field by Peter Angelos via MASN. The truth is this: we get the government we deserve.

And the truth is that we get the Major League Baseball team that we tolerate as a community.

The Orioles are about to enter their 15th consecutive year of irrelevance and losing. Fans in Baltimore have turned away from the stadium by the millions instead of demanding a better product and an owner with the integrity to run the team in the best interests of the community.

The judges allowed this to happen by allowing television moguls to pass along unavoidable, mandatory charges you never know about and you vote for these judges.

Comcast (or your local cable TV provder) has passed along the “Angelos Tax” to you and you simply keep paying the bill.

The politicians allowed this to happen to the heart of Baltimore on summer nights and you elect the politicians. You elect the politicians who allow Major League Baseball an almost inarguable anti-trust exemption and public financing for stadia while they pad their pockets and Angelos shirks his “sacred responsibility” here in Baltimore to attempt to field a competitive team that stimulates interest and economic impact to the local economy.

Many local businesses and business owners – intimidated for one reason or another – all talk dirty out of the corner of their mouths to me at cocktail parties all over Baltimore yet no one except me and this radio station and web entity that I own have spoken up over the years and reported the dirty facts.

I am very proud of Free The Birds. I’m proud of being the only one to speak the truth and report the facts. I sleep well at night knowing that I’m TRYING to make a difference and get this corrected for the community.

WNST is the only free media company in the marketplace that is banned from covering the team while CBS Radio, The Sun, WBAL, Pressbox, etc. all have continued to exchange corporate media backrubs and “partnerships” while not demanding accountability from Peter Angelos.


Many others — from intimidated former Orioles players who need the autograph money to local fans, former season ticket holders and businesses who previously wrote a direct check to the Baltimore Orioles to sponsor the franchise — all now cough and “look the other way” while the city has been emptied of more than 2 million people every summer. The Ravens’ and their everlasting prosperity seems to only make it easier to turn away from the Orioles.

How can it be possible that local businesses downtown and at the Inner Harbor simply await the arrival of visiting fans from Boston, New York and Philadelphia in order to turn a profit off the fortunes of the Baltimore Orioles?

It’s unspeakable, shameful and YOU should be ashamed of our community for allowing it happen.

When all of this cowardice and the collective “turning of the heads” stops, perhaps the fate of the Baltimore Orioles will change?

Here’s what is doing about this Thursday and Friday night as we hold a candlelight vigil and an Opening Day protest of the ownership and the way the team has been run into the ground for Baltimore and its baseball fans…


You can follow our Facebook page here and follow us on Twitter @FreeTheBirds12


Staying away from the ballpark and not contributing by buying tickets and $8 beers has simply not worked to correct the issues with Peter Angelos and improve the baseball team. We’ve been writing about it here at and opining at AM 1570 for the better part of a decade.

Sometimes I think that everyone knows the dirty little secret about Angelos and

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  1. unitastoberry Says:

    This whole mess with the Orioles not wanting to win just wanting to make money is apart of an overall symptom in MLB that has to end. The fact the the main money supply for owners now comes from TV and coprorate advertisements regardless of the on field record means the gate is just gravy. When you don’t need your gate to make the bulk of your money this crap occurs. MLB is a joke run by billionares who could give a s**t about fans. If MLB had a real comish who acted independent of the owners Angelos would have been read the riot act years ago and told to either sell or field a competitive team. Bud Selig and all the rest of the old men in MLB are just as much to blame here as Angelos. It’s a club which you can’t get into or thrown out of and they don’t want change because of the $$$$$. You know just like the US government.

  2. Steve Says:

    Like i said fans,,, LEARN FROM THE BALTIMORE COLTS FANS. Did they allow Irsay make profits by putting a scrub team on the field? So Irsay knew he cant make money in Baltimore so he moved them to indy. If O’s fans just dont show up or buy season tickets then Angelos will have to do ether 2 things 1.Sell the Club or 2.Move the team. We have a great NFL team in Baltimore it worked what Colts fans did so why not O’s fans do the samething?

  3. tsnamm Says:

    Hey Nestor… what is really shocking to me is the deafening silence of the national sports media, which has nothing to lose by pointing out the obvious… Look at what happened in LA with the sale of the Dodgers…$2.5 billion dollars…and 1.5 of that was based on the TV rights…they’re even talking about a couple of other teams that have TV contracts coming up and they’re all in the $700 million+ category, including such non-markets as San Diego…Angelos is just taking the money and running with his own LSN for 2(!) teams not just 1. I thought that MLB also dictated that any luxury tax money redistributed to the loser teams such as the Orioles had to be reinvested into on the field talent.Its painfully obvious that Angelos either has no idea on how to operate a major league sports franchise, has no civic pride or competitive fire, or is the worst most cynical owner, just leaving his team and city hinging out to dry as an erstwhile “Washington Generals” to the rest of the AL Easts “Harlem Globetrotters” While he counts his profits with no interest in running a team. The idea that “we can’t compete” is such a lame and loser mentality. I don’t know where to start to debunk that one its just so pathetic. Those who think we need to support the team because “we’re lucky to have one” must have battered wife syndrome…1-2 years could be just bad luck,going on 15 is a PLAN. keep the heat on Nestor you’re performing a civic duty…

  4. die angelos Says:


  5. Jeff Says:

    I think that when Jerry Hoffberger sold the Orioles back in late 70’s..things went downhill. But we did win under Edward Bennett Williams, especially because we Won WS in 1983. I wish one of Hoffberger’s sons would have taken over the team after EBW died & before Eli Jacobs then Angelos took over. When Jewish people own companies or teams, chances are things get done correctly and smoothly..most of the time!! Please, Please pray that Angelos sells the team to Cal Ripken..a non-Jew and the only person we can and should Trust to turn around our losing ways. Or get another Jewish owner who cared about Baltimore and our players & team as much as Hoffberger did.

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