If you love Bob Haynie…

April 07, 2009 | Nestor Aparicio

And you hate me — or whatever the word you’re using for “strongly dislike” these days — you’ll like this blog. The entire WNST crew gathered yesterday at Hooters of Harborplace with a VERY partisan orange and black crowd (all Yankees fans were booed, jeered and basically made to feel unwelcome and it’s about time). While we were together downing those tasty Bud Lights in the aluminum cans — and because we all have a sense of humor at WNST.net — Bob Haynie whipped out his Orioles season press credential and shined us a bit amidst many, many laughs at the expense of the Angelos family, Greg Bader and, well, ME.

(I have a better sense of humor than you probably think I do…)

I have no regrets. I strongly believe that Free The Birds changed the way this ownership has managed the team. That was the goal. And as long as Bob gets a press pass, all is well with the world.

For the record, even Drew Forrester got a “paper daily pass” for Opening Day.

Fill in your caption of choice…Bob has one, Nestor doesn't...