In honor of my Pop’s birthday, we present a “free speech” message from Peter G. Angelos

March 04, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio

My father’s 93rd birthday would’ve been tomorrow. As many of you know, I’ve always dedicated my March 5th radio show each year to my Pop.

Because I don’t do a daily show anymore and because I have this awesome “real time” forum via and all of our social media to reach you in so many other ways from your laptop to your Ipad to your mobile device from anywhere in the world,  I’m going to do something really special for my Pop this year.

I’m going to once again lead a civic effort so that Baltimore Orioles fans’ voices around the world — and the beltway — will be heard. By the local politicians. By the local businesses. By Major League Baseball. By the national media that have ignored all aspects of the stench emanating from Camden Yards including the suicide of Mike Flanagan last August.

And mostly for the “local corporate media partners” that have shirked their civic responsibility as “friends you can turn to” when it’s come to telling the truth about the magnitude of incompetence and profiteering going on with the baseball team in Baltimore circa 2012. All of the WBALs and WJZs and Baltimore Suns have stood around blindly drinking the orange milk from your tax dollars and “advertising revenue” while the team has destroyed the Inner Harbor and downtown on game nights after this state built Camden Yards in 1992.

It’s like a sick joke being played on the citizens of Baltimore.

And instead of investigations we’re getting the “cough and look the other way while we take a check” journalism that’s dividing our country.

I’m done with last place. I’m done with the lies and the intimidation. Free The Birds 12 is alive in honor of my father.

And beginning tomorrow, I’ll be re-posting my 2006 book about how my father taught me to love baseball, Baltimore, the Orioles and all of the spirit that my last name “Aparicio” represents.

Stay tuned…

Meanwhile, this week marks the 15th anniversary of Peter G. Angelos’ lone visit to take questions from me on a night in March 1997 at The Barn in Parkville. Most of what he told me that night turned out to be a bag of lies.

I’ll be re-posting the entire 60-minute interview later this week in a Buy A Toyota Audio Vault.

But this says it all. The corporate folks over on TV Hill and down on Calvert Street would call this a “teaser”…