Orioles Magic and 666: The Number of The East

September 27, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio

San Diego or Amsterdam, he might want to carve out four weeks in the offseason to #LEGGO to Dundalk or Essex.

Here one more “stupid” idea:

Why not encourage tailgating for the playoff game(s)?

I’ll be walking through the Ravens’ parking lot in a few hours. Here’s the dumbest statement of the day — it’s the SAME parking lot as the Orioles.

The reason people love football games is that they like to hang out with their friends and get hammered before the game. That’s just the truth. It’s the Preakness infield – in short form and far more family friendly – for three hours before every home game. And when the weather is glorious – as it is for 60 of the 81 Orioles’ home games – people would love to party and listen to music and talk about the sport before the games.

I hope these six games of “magic” go quickly. I hope the Orioles are battling for an AL East crown next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Tampa. I hope to enjoy the Boston Red Sox madness this weekend and week should bring if you love baseball the way I’ve always loved baseball.

But we all know this 2012 Baltimore Orioles team is truly luckier than they are good. And they’re grittier than they are anything else. And sorta “magical” in the true sense of the word.

Every statistical measurement will back that up.

I have no idea what the future will hold and very little faith in the ability of Angelos and his family to not completely screw this up – long term.

I think Buck Showalter is a genius manager. I think Adam Jones, Matt Wieters, Nick Markakis, Jim Johnson and Manny Machado are nice pieces to build around. I think Dan Duquette is a savant when it comes to picking through MLB trash and finding some pearls, if not quite diamonds in the rough.

So, I’m enjoying all of the sixes. Keep them rolling.

Everything is coming up 6’es.

Who knows?

Maybe the Baltimore Orioles will win the World Series in six games?