The Orioles will be better next year — and more new lies after The MacFailure

September 28, 2011 | Nestor Aparicio

and now we’ll find out for sure. No doubt, Buck thinks he can tame the beast in King Peter but if the beast is really the profit margin and the ability to recruit real baseball players like Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols to Baltimore isn’t in the cards, I suspect that Showalter might be gone as well after getting his head beaten in all season long with more disappointments, losses and very little talent support.

Perhaps Buck now becomes the one who will run away from me at Orioles events when I ask serious questions? And I guess Buck thinks it’s cool that his owner bans real media from the press conferences?

But SOMEONE is going to take this managerial job after Buck goes upstairs to a seat where the one where the guy before this last guy just killed himself after spending 38 years with the franchise.

And it’s a last-place manager’s job, with a last-place team with a last-place front office with a last-place attendance in a market that has been beaten down for 14 years.

If Buck Showalter were somebody’s “savior” he’d have taken a real baseball job instead of this smelling turd in Baltimore. That’s just a fact! This is the worst job in Major League Baseball if you’re serious about winning.

It’s clear that the owner doesn’t want to spend money. Or listen to much of what anyone has to say.


No one is taking Peter G. Angelos to charm school at this point. He doesn’t need me. He doesn’t need you. He doesn’t need Cal Ripken or Buck Showalter or Davey Johnson or Pat Gillick or Mike Flanagan or anyone else who knows anything about baseball. He doesn’t need anything and apparently he’s going to take all of that money with him when he’s gone from the planet.

And he doesn’t need an “ambitious” general manager, one who is looking to spend any of the $50 million of his annual profit on some first baseman who probably won’t help them sell tickets in this economic climate and might turn them into a third or fourth place team.

Angelos is now 82 years old. If his “dream” were to hold the World Series trophy