The Orioles will be better next year — and more new lies after The MacFailure

September 28, 2011 | Nestor Aparicio

I think he’d be trying a little harder at this point. His clock is ticking faster than any of us if a Baltimore championship is important to him.

But, clearly, it’s just not.

Winning – as defined by him and most anyone else who runs a business – is about profit, not something as trivial as a game on a field.

His son, John Angelos, who apparently wanted to win games at some point, was running things at MASN and now isn’t and most people I know have no idea who is really running most of the place day-to-day, especially now that MacPhail has packed up his trunk for his next stop toward the Commissioner’s chair.

I know that Greg Bader is apparently now a spokesperson for both the Orioles and MASN. And I’m not sure any of us really know where the line is between the two entities other than on an accountant’s spreadsheet somewhere.

But back to the original premise: How does this ever change?

Or DOES this ever change?

Again, if you want to visit Fantasyland or “Jimmyville” there are several assumptions that I’ll call far-fetched and “orange Kool-Aid drinking” for anyone who thinks they’ll be attending relevant Orioles games in some August of days of future.

Here are some good questions that I’d love to get feedback on from the WNST community:

Do they really WANT to win? (My very well-founded evidence says, “not really”)

Would any legitimate, “A-List” free agent sign here at any price?

Will an elite pitcher ever elect to play in Baltimore and face short porches, hot nights, a tradition of losing and 18 games a year against New York and Boston in the AL East?

Are the Orioles really drafting the best available players or just the ones they want to sign on the cheap and “slot” pre-draft day? (This is an eternal question around baseball as the owners are ever-conspiring to keep salaries – they call them “costs” – down.)

Will the current and future quality players (Zach Britton, Matt Wieters, Adam Jones for starters) in the organization ever “buy in” or will they seek to flee