A 2-0 version of 19 points to ponder

September 22, 2008 | Drew Forrester

1. Who was more visibly humbled on Sunday…Sergio Garcia or Kellen Winslow, Jr.?

2. Interesting. The Tampa Bay Rays are in the thick of a pennant race and they can trot out their #1 draft pick from 2007 (David Price) to pitch a crucial game in Baltimore on Monday night. But the O’s can’t bring Matt Wieters up for a cup-of-coffee in September when the games don’t matter anymore? Shameful.

3. So the Arizona Cardinals bring their big, bad 2-0 record to Washington and can’t even beat the hapless Redskins…same old song and dance for the Cards.

4. The Giants started 0-2 last year and won a huge road game (in DC) to avoid going 0-3. Jacksonville started this season 0-2 and won a huge game in Indianapolis yesterday to avoid going 0-3. Just sayin’…

5. Ian Poulter played the best golf of anyone over the three days of the Ryder Cup but the MVP (player-wise) of the whole thing was Anthony Kim. He got Mickelson to play well on Friday (a feat in and of itself) and then spanked Garcia in the opening match on Sunday to set the stage for the U.S. victory.

6. If any of you can play a mean defensive tackle, give Gordy Combs a call over at Towson University. They need to find some guys who can help them stop the run.

7. Ozzie’s detractors say he doesn’t draft or invest in offensive lineman. Hmmm…..yesterday, our offensive line KILLED the Browns defensive line — Jared Gaither, Ben Grubbs, Jason Brown, Marshal Yanda, Adam Terry…they were all, uh, DRAFT-PICKS.

8. The Cowboys are going to be tough to beat. REALLY tough to beat.

9. The Rams might not win a game.

10. Another choke-job from the Brewers. And this was their last chance. With no Sabathia or Sheets next year, they’ll fall back to another 70-win team.

11. I’d make Mark O’Meara the next U.S. Ryder Cup Captain.

12. What the heck has happened to University of Tennessee football?

13. The best part about next Sunday will be watching Washington lose 38-13 at Dallas.

14. Romeo Crennel said he didn’t replace Derek Anderson with Brady Quinn in the 4th quarter on Sunday because “the game was still within reach…” In that case, Coach, how come you didn’t use any of your time-outs?

15. I’m no Yankees fan, but that scene on Sunday night in the Bronx was one of the coolest sports events I’ve ever witnessed.

16. Let me get this straight. Pittsburgh’s offensive line isn’t very good. Our defensive line and pass rush are probably our strongest suit(s). In that case, I’ll call it: Ravens 17 – Pittsburgh 16

17. I have a feeling that Jim Leonhard is going to be in my Tuesday Top 7 tomorrow.

18. I don’t know anything about Fantasy Football but I picked Michael Turner with my 3rd pick this year.

19. I’m looking for three female golfers to play in the final WNST Charity Challenge at Mount Pleasant in October. Any lady golfers who are interested should e-mail me at: drew@wnst.net