Are you the best putter in Baltimore? We can find out on July 12th

July 06, 2010 | Drew Forrester

So you watched the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach last month and you wondered why no one could make a putt on the weekend.

The best players in the world missed from 3 feet, 6 feet, 10 feet — and 3-putted from 20-feet.  Regularly.

Why?  Because the greens at Pebble Beach are tough.  They’re fast.  And they have lots of undulation to them, making even an 8-foot putt a treacherous test of nerves and skill.

Reports from Pebble Beach indicated that the green speed on Saturday of U.S. Open week was “13”.  Due to some Saturday night watering, they only got to a “12” on Sunday.  But green speeds like that are extremely difficult to deal with…even for the best players in the world.

The next time you play golf at one of the area’s local municipal courses, the speed of those greens will likely be in the neighborhood of a “7 or 8”. For the uninitiated, green speeds are determined by using a piece of equipment called a “Stimp Meter”.

The greens you generally putt on are usually rolling 7 or 8 “on the stimp”.

Would you like to putt on greens that roll a “12”?  Would you like to see what the pros face when they putt on U.S. Open greens?

Well, next week, you can find out.

Here’s the link to Baltimore’s Classic 5 web-page.  They’re hosting a contest next week – “Who’s Baltimore’s best putter?” – that will include the final round at Mount Pleasant, where the green will be conditioned and treated to provide participants with the U.S. Open feel by having the green running at 12 on the Stimp Meter.

Best of all?  If you win – and you’re Baltimore’s best putter – you win free golf for the rest of 2010 at Baltimore’s Classic 5.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to experience what it’s like to putt on U.S. Open greens.  First, though, you have to qualify at one of the Classic 5 golf courses next Monday, July 12.  You can qualify at Clifton Park, Pine Ridge, Carroll Park, Forest Park, Mount Pleasant or Pine Ridge.  If you qualify, you’ll advance directly to the Finals next Wednesday, July 14 at Mount Pleasant.

Check out the Classic 5 info page at the web-site.  If you have any additional questions, contact Tom Pierce at the Classic 5 office, 410-444-4933.

I’ll be out there next week to putt around with you.  If nothing else, you and I might go head to head for a chinese lunch.