Friday Mud: The King, The Pie, And the Hall of Fame

July 09, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Friday has arrived and with it, I offer you another exciting edition of “Friday Mud” here at

Three weeks into its run, “Friday Mud” has captured several national awards and accolades including “Most Enlightening Friday Blog”, “Best Blog in a city with a horrible baseball team” and “Mike Oxbig’s Blue Ribbon Winner”.

I know what you’re thinking…get on with it Drew, start impressing us. 

OK, OK, OK.  Here we go.

> Now I understand why the Orioles are so bad.  We’ve seen who the problem is.  It’s Felix Pie.  Last night in Texas was HIS first win of the year.  He’s played 11 games this season and he’s 1-10.  OK, so it’s not really Pie’s fault.  In fact, he helped win the game last night.  I just thought that was a funny stat.  Dude had played in 10 games before Thursday in Texas and was 0-10 on the year.  I wonder if he thought, “Is it me?”

> The only thing that would have made last night’s televised press conference more memorable would have been if LeBron James would have come out in a long white robe and sandals and walked across water on his way to the seated area with Jim Gray

> Rex Snider’s Thursday blog on Hall of Fame candidates (read it here) got me to thinking about a couple of guys he listed, and a couple that he didn’t.  Jamie Moyer is a “no” – unless he gets to 300 wins.  Jim Thome is a “yes”.  George Steinbrenner got kicked out of baseball for 2 years.  He’s been a great owner.  But he shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame.  Manny Ramirez is a definite “yes”.  DEF-I-NITE.  But I’ll give you a guy that Rex didn’t mention and no one else is talking about…and he is starting to drive down Hall of Fame-Maybe Lane.  He’s played in 16 seasons.  He has two rings.  I don’t know how much longer he’ll play, but he’s over the 2,500 hit mark already and if he plays two more years after this, he’s going to finish in the neighborhood of the magic 3k plateau.  You’ve probably NEVER thought to yourself, “Is (name listed at the bottom of the blog — don’t peak yet, think who it might be) a Hall of Famer?  I’m telling you, he very well MIGHT be if he has two more good seasons after this one.  (For some of you who can’t read:  Please note this:  The guy in question still has work to do to get in.  Get that?  WORK. TO. DO.  He probably has to reach 3,000 hits to deserve consideration.  That means he needs about 400 more.  That’s only going to happen if he plays 2 or 3 more seasons.  Right now, though, he’s ON. THE. WAY….to being considered.)

> Paul Goydos shot 59 yesterday.  He’s a golfer.  59 is the magical number in golf.  A lot of us have shot in the 100’s, 90’s, 80’s, 70’s and 60’s.  But only a rare group have ever shot something in the 50’s (for 18 holes, that is).  I was 7-under par through 10 holes in a tournament a few years back and started thinking about shooting 59 and promptly shot 67.  That’s what happens when you think about it.  You get in your own way, as the golf saying goes, and you wind up in meltdown-mode.  Then again, I’m not Paul Goydos.

> Is there any chance that ESPN’s Stuart Scott is using a fake eye?  You know what I mean…like Brian Warner of Marilyn Manson.  Does Scott have a fake lazy eye to give him a more impressionable look?  You have to admit, it’s catchy.  You also have to admit this:  That dude loves him some “Association”.  Rumors persist he’s actually engaged to the NBA logo. 

>  I’ll take the Netherlands to beat Spain, 2-1, on Sunday.  Then again, I took Brazil to win the whole thing before the World Cup started.  And I thought Germany would beat Spain.  Hey, I did call the Slovenia win over Algeria.  So there.

> Since the British Open will already be underway during next week’s “Friday Mud”, I’ll give you my top three right here, right now.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Graeme McDowell hang around next week.  Coming off of his U.S. Open win and his knowledge of links golf, look for him to be a threat over the weekend.  I like Zach Johnson next week.  His flat swing and low ball flight will certainly help him in Scotland.  Here’s the winner:   I’m not biting on the Justin Rose pick like everyone else in America — he’s actually been TOO hot recently — but I’ll toss an Englishman in there as the champion.  His name is Ross Fisher.  You’ll thank me for that on July 18.

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>  And the Hall of Famer possibility I referenced above is…this guy.  Check out the records.