Golf, Health and Wine

July 27, 2007 | Drew Forrester

I played Queenstown Harbor today and got to see the all-new “River Course”…one word:  outstanding.  The greens – rebuilt over the winter and re-opened in late April – are perfect.  I highly encourage any of you to take advantage of their 36-hole layout.  Play the “Lakes” course, have lunch, and take on the challenge of the “River”.  If you do get over to the Eastern Shore to play Queenstown, ask for GM Bob Moore, introduce yourself, and tell him you’re a WNST listener.  I’ve had him on “Pro Golf Weekly” a couple of times this spring/summer and he’s aware we have plenty of golfers in WNST-land.


This Saturday and Sunday, it’s the last weekend of the Baltimore Match Play Championship.  For the first time in ages, I’ve managed to advance to the quarter-finals, which take place Saturday morning at Pine Ridge in Timonium.  My opponent is one of the best “Publinx” players in the state, Brad Foxwell.  We play at 7:10 am.  Joining us in the quarter-final matches are Ed Legg vs. Al Medlin, Jim Townley vs. Dale Williams and Blair Laubach vs. Brian Carneal.  The winners advance to the semi-finals, which will take place around noon on Saturday, also at Pine Ridge.  The 18-hole championship match is set for Sunday morning at Mount Pleasant.

If Baby Ethan doesn’t arrive Friday or Saturday morning, I’ll be on the first tee at 7:10 am Saturday ready to tangle with Foxwell.  If Ethan decides it’s time to make his arrival, I’ll gladly bow out!

If you’re up and about early Saturday and want to see some exciting match play golf, head over to Pine Ridge, grab a cup of coffee and walk the golf course with us.


Three years ago, a dear friend of mine, Dr. Dave Bimestefer, introduced me to a friend of his who specializes in reflexology.  As a matter of review, I had some serious left elbow problems in 2005 that eventually required surgery and I sought a variety of different pain-relief methods to try and play tournament golf through the summer of ’05.  I gave everything a try – cortisone, physical therapy, accupuncture, ice, ice and more ice…and I finally discovered reflexology through Dr. Bimestefer’s friend, Myrna Hurd.  Myrna made it possible for me to play in the late summer and early fall of ’05.  I finally settled for surgery in November of that year, but there’s no way I could have played golf in the late stages of the ’05 tournament season without her help.

Earlier this spring, I started to have some left wrist discomfort and some soreness in my left hip.  I assumed both were a result of 15 years of tournament golf, and I again sought Myrna for her advice and help.  Myrna is involved in a new kind of therapy called “Bodytalk” (, a form of healthcare that allows the body to heal itself with the practictioner serving as the conduit between you and your body.  There’s no medicine involved.  No needles.  No “physical” therapy at all.  You’re lying down the entire time.  It’s peaceful.  And your body literally TALKS to you throughout the session, helping you understand why you’re feeling pain and how to get rid of it.

I saw Myrna three times in June and early July for the pain in my wrist and my hip and both are now back to normal and my improved play on the golf course over the last month or so is directly linked to feeling better, physically and mentally, and being pain free.

Check out the web-page and see if any of those conditions are something you’re living with every day.  If so, I’m certain Myrna can help you.  Her phone number is 410-366-3739.  Tell her Drew sent you.  And report back to me after you’ve seen her and let’s share success stories.


Anyone out there a red wine fan?  I’ve found two OUTSTANDING Cabernets recently.  Joel Gott ( and Worthy ( are both VERY affordable ($24’ish) and just superb values for the price.  I’ve picked them both up at Cranbrook Liquors in Cockeysville and Beltway Fine Wines on Loch Raven Blvd.

If you’ve had a good Cabernet recently, tell me about it: