I need golfers for next Wednesday, June 16 (it’s FREE!)

June 09, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Any of you interested in playing golf next Wednesday afternoon (June 16) at Mount Pleasant with me, Towson lacrosse coach Tony Seaman and several other WNST listeners and guests is encouraged to e-mail me immediately.

You can e-mail me at:  drew@wnst.net.

We will tee off next Wednesday at 12 noon, finish by 4:30 or so, and have a cocktail during the prize ceremony.


Yep, prizes.

You can go head to head against Coach Seaman and I and win free golf from Baltimore’s Classic 5, FootJoy golf shoes and some other cool stuff.

Best of all…


Well, sort-of free.

You’ll have to put in $25 so we can make a small donation to a local charity…why else would you convince your boss that it’s worth cutting out of work at 11am unless you can say “hey, it’s for charity”.

There are only a handful of spots left for next Wednesday.

We’ll have some fun…you’ll play golf at a great course, you might even play with Coach Seaman and I, and we’ll raise a little money for charity and have a cocktail together afterwards.


E-mail me:  drew@wnst.net