In honor of the Lions and their 19 points…here are 19 points for you

September 28, 2009 | Drew Forrester

How’s that song go?

“Hail, to the Redskins…Hail, victory!”

Something like that? 

In honor of the Detroit Lions 19-14 b-slapping of the Redskins yesterday, I’m bringing back one of America’s most popular blogs.  It’s called “19 points”, because I make 19 valid points.  And, today, we’re giving a salute to Baltimore native Jim Schwartz who earned his first NFL coaching win yesterday.

On we go, with America’s favorite blog.

1.  Anyone catch the final in Detroit yesterday?  (the blog-author snickers as he types this…)  – The Redskins are going to be just fine.  I promise.  In 2013.  hee hee

2.  Joe Flacco is, without question, the Ravens’ most VALUABLE player, but my vote for BEST player so far in 2009 goes to Willis McGahee.  He’s averaging 5.9 yards per-carry over 32 hauls with the ball and has 6 TDs already after only 7 trips to the end zone a year ago.  He’s running hard, with a purpose, and sharing the work without a beef.  

3.  You know things are screwy when an 0-3 team (Tennessee) would beat a 3-0 team (Denver) five times out of five.  Denver is halfway to their 6-win season.  They’re already printing playoff tickets out there in the Mile High City.  I’d suggest they wait a few more weeks before shipping them out to their season ticket holders. 

4.  Anyone complaining about how the PGA TOUR’s FedEx Cup concluded doesn’t get it.  The best player of 2009, Tiger Woods, wound up winning the TOUR’s post-season title…isn’t that the way it’s supposed to go?  Of course it is.

5.  I know we’ll have to watch it 20 times tonight during Monday Night Football, but that Favre to Lewis throw and TD catch was one of the best plays you’ll ever see.  I know, I know, “the gunslinger” was just throwing it up for grabs.  No, he wasn’t. The ONLY guy that could have caught that ball was Lewis.  I’m Favre’d out like everyone else, but a great play is a great play is a great play. 

6.  Brady Quinn might want to call the folks at Hilfiger and see if they have any openings for Spring 2010 models.  As a Quarterback – in the NFL – he’s not going to prosper.  

7.  Uniform critique —  Texans in their all red: No thank you.  Seahawks with their key lime jerseys:  Sharp.  Chris Turner in a Maryland uniform:  No thank you and…NOT sharp.

8.  The Orioles have six wins in September.  I thought they had three.  Shows you I have to keep up with them a little more.  

9.  The Orioles have lost 10 games in a row.  That much I do know.  And that’s not a low blow…just a fact.

10.  I had a great Cabernet this weekend: “Michael Sullberg” – It made it easier to watch the O’s and Indians.

11.  Note left on Demetrius Williams’ locker at M&T Bank Stadium:  “DWill:  No need to throw your uniform and equipment in the laundry bag.  Just hang it all back up in your locker.  Thanks.”

12.  Is that the same Derek Anderson that people in Baltimore thought was going to take the Ravens to the Super Bowl a few years ago?  (the blog-author snickers as he types this…)

13.  Without Troy Polamalu, the Steelers are beatable every week.  That is, unless they’re playing the Redskins, Browns, Maryland Terps or Orioles.

14.  Jamal Lewis isn’t as dumb as everyone might have previously thought.  Why come here and get slapped around when you can stay home and watch it on TV and not be held responsible?

15.  Rex Ryan showed up at The Meadowlands on Sunday dressed like John Belushi in Animal House.  Actually, Belushi might have had his shirt tucked in at some point during the movie.  

16.  Dear Melvin Mora:  You’ve been a terrific member of the O’s organization over the last 9 years.  Sorry that it all turned out the way it did for you, but it doesn’t go lost on this guy that you became a fixture in the community and gave everything you had to the club on the field.  

17.  My fantasy football team – “Shockingly Cavalier” – is shockingly horrible.  After a week 2 upset of Peter Schmuck, I got my rear end handed to me yesterday by Steve Stofberg.  If Steve Melewski was in the Baltimore media fantasy league, I’d be guaranteed one more win.  Alas, he’s not.  And I might not win another game.

18.  Jim Hunter and Rick Dempsey started one of the post-game shows over the weekend by complaining about bad ball/strike calls by the home plate umpire.  Hey, it’s late in the season…never too early to start campaigning for a job in 2010.

19.  This just in:  Redskins fire Jim Zorn and hire the Asian-Australian guy from The Wiggles as their new coach.