Just shut down the PGA Tour already…

August 02, 2009 | Drew Forrester

As you look through the archives of the PGA Tour, you take pause to reflect on the outstanding careers of several dominating players.

Curtis Strange had a terrific run in the 1980’s.  He won 2 U.S. Opens in succession and had 19 TOUR victories.  Nice career, to say the least.

Nick Price was an exceptional, dominating player in the early 1990’s.  Price captured 3 major titles in a 2-year period and   recorded 18 TOUR wins.  Great stuff.

Ben Crenshaw captured two major titles and was a PGA Tour winner 19 times.  19 wins in a career: Very well done.

Greg Norman had more major championship cough-ups than wins (2), but he was easily one of the greatest players of his generation and held the winner’s trophy 20 times on TOUR.

Sometime later this year or, perhaps, early in 2010, Woods will steamroll past Jack Nicklaus and his 73 TOUR triumphs.  It’s OK to take that Nicklaus poster down off of your basement wall.  Win #74 is GOING to happen soon.

You win 10 times on TOUR, you’re a helluva player.  Make that, a GREAT player.

You win 20 times on TOUR, you’re a golfing legend.  Winning 20 times is significantly outstanding.  

It’s not easy to win on TOUR.  

In related news, Tiger Woods won his 69th PGA TOUR title today in Grand Blanc, Michigan.  

What’s that?  You thought Tiger started the event at -1 (71) on Thursday?

Oh, that’s right, he did.  

You weren’t around for the weekend?  

He shot -19 for the last 54 holes.  That’s a birdie every three holes in case you need help with the math.

69 wins.

One more to 70.

If 10’s “great” and 20 is “significantly outstanding”, what’s 70?