Making birdies, raising money…

September 18, 2008 | Drew Forrester

We had a great afternoon of golf, fun and friendship today in the 2nd of our 3 WNST Charity Challenge matches at Mount Pleasant GC.

I played with three Comcast Morning Show listeners; John Schultheis (many of you who frequent know him better as “JWS”), Mark Loraditch and John Flynn.

Among the highlights: Mark broke his sand-wedge on his approach shot on the 2nd hole and still made par (go to on Thursday and you’ll see a photo of it and a complete recap of the golf).

It’s also worth noting that Mark made two nice birdies during the round – at #5 and #18.

John Schultheis was decked out in his purple Ravens shirt and hat and he made a “1” at #17. Yep, that’s right, a “1”. He made a “3” on the hole, but with his handicap he scored a “1”. We didn’t make him buy the drinks afterwards.

And John Flynn was a pleasure to play with – until he started conceding five and six foot putts to John and Mark…which wouldn’t be a problem except those two guys were each playing ME!

In the end, John Schultheis was the low net player out of the three listeners with a net 70. He won four free passes to any of BMGC’s Classic Five golf courses. Mark Loraditch won a pair of Foot Joy golf shoes for finishing second.

Special thanks to BMGC Marketing Director Tom Pierce for providing the free golf passes and for riding around and keeping us all on the straight and narrow. Be sure to check out the BMGC web-site for photos and a full recap.

By the way, my “celebrity caddy”, Rick from Reisterstown, pulled into the Mount Pleasant parking lot at 12:40 pm.

And I never saw him again.

True story.

Rick drove in and then never showed up on the first tee.

Lord only knows what happened to him.

Thanks to John, Mark and John for a great day of golf and fun.

We raised nearly $500 for the Erinn McCarthy scholarship fund at Maryvale.

We’ll finish our Charity Challenge series in mid-October when I go head-to-head with three of WNST’s lady listeners. If you’re a female golfer and you’d like to play with/against me at Mount Pleasant in October, e-mail me at