One more day in Hagerstown…

July 15, 2008 | Drew Forrester

So, I’ll be spending one more day in Hagerstown, competing in the 87th Maryland Open at Fountain Head CC on Wednesday.  It’s also a mini-vacation of sorts for my family since my wife’s family lives in Hagerstown.  I’m playing a great golf course for three days and Baby Ethan gets to swim in his aunt’s pool for three days.  You can’t beat it.

In the meantime, Mark Suchy will sit in for me on the Wednesday addition of The Comcast Morning Show before I return on Thursday.

I just wanted to remind you that on Thursday at 1:50 pm, I’ll be hosting an 18-hole charity challenge match at Mount Pleasant on Hillen Rd. and Northern Parkway.  I’ll be playing against our favorite traffic guy, “Captain Kirk”, along with Phil Stern (UMBC Women’s b-ball) and Tony Seaman (Towson men’s lax). 

If you haven’t seen Mount Pleasant recently, you really should join us on Thursday and check it out.  It was recently voted the 12th best public course in the U.S. by Golfweek Magazine. 

Thursday’s challenge match at Mount Pleasant is a fund-raiser for the Casey Cares Foundation.

I already have nine (9) pledges from WNST listeners and I’m seeking more, of course.  Please come on out and watch on Thursday…and make your wagers then, or, simply e-mail me ( and let me know what you’re pledging.  I’m pledging the following amounts:  For every natural par any of my three opponents make (they’re each in the 12-18 handicap range), I’m donating $2.00 to my 2008 charity, Casey Cares Foundation.  For any hole where their best ball score (between the three of them) beats my score, I’m donating $5.00.  And I’ll throw in $5.00 for every birdie I make. 

Whatever you can pledge would be greatly appreciated.  I’m not looking to break anyone’s bank…just hoping maybe you’ll pledge $20-$25 towards our day and we’ll total up the money when we’re done and see how much we’ve raised for Casey Cares.  My thanks to the nine of you who have already e-mailed me your pledges.

Hoping for nice weather for tomorrow’s 3rd and final day of the Maryland Open and then I’ll be heading back to Baltimore to talk to all of you on Thursday morning and, hopefully, see a bunch of you at Mount Pleasant on Thursday afternoon.  I’ll be using a very special “guest caddy” – someone familiar to all of Baltimore’s sports fans. 

Until then…