Pre-Monday edition of ’19 points’

August 04, 2008 | Drew Forrester

With Thursday’s pre-season opener in New England on the horizon, I’m posting a 4-part blog series on the Ravens ’08 season starting on Monday. With that in mind, I’ve thrown together a late Sunday night version of “19 points” that will carry over into Monday. Hope you don’t mind.

1. So “Bush League Danny” is at it again. The Redskins owner recently announced the team will introduce a “fast lane” through security for all home games at FedEx field. Great concept, huh? Avoid the long lines and fly by “the great unwashed”. Oh, I almost forgot to mention: That’ll be $100, please. Yep, Daniel Snyder is going to charge people $100 if they want an “EZ Pass” at FedEx field. Want the regular pat-down? It’s free. Want the quick version? $100, please.

2. The funniest part about Michelle Wie shooting 73-80 at the PGA Tour event in Reno last week? She beat nine other players. All men. One of them was David Duval, who shot 154. Anyone hear from “Ryan in Fallston”?

3. I wonder how many training camp injuries the Ravens would have if, say, they practiced indoors at Owings Mills every day?

4. I’m not sure why, but I have to admit Pudge Rodriguez looks like a Yankee in that uniform. I never thought Jason Giambi “looked the part”, actually, but I-Rod does for some weird reason.

5. It’s August and the Tampa Bay Rays are still in first place. I’ll admit it, I’m shocked. Glad I didn’t make THAT bet.

6. It’s August and the Orioles are in last place. But…(drum roll please)…they’re still better than the Nationals.

7. I know he’s been suspended for two games for beating up his own teammate and that’s not a great testament to locker room unity, but I’d take Steve Smith in Baltimore. He’d be our version of Hines Ward.

8. The NFL Hall of Fame is cool and all, but they need to do something about those induction speeches. A few of them were almost embarrassing on Saturday.

9. So Paul Azinger has already told Anthony Kim he’s on the Ryder Cup team no matter what happens next week at the PGA Championship (“AK” is likely to make it on points anyway…). That’s one of my slam-dunk captain’s picks off the market. I think J.B. Holmes and John Rollins should be considered too.

10. How cool would it be if somehow, someway, the Rays and Marlins met in the World Series? Two teams from Florida that no one cares about playing for the title. The Rays haven’t ever had a winning season and A-Rod makes more ($32 mil) than the entire Marlins roster ($22 mil). If there are baseball gods…

11. I watched about 7 minutes of a UFC “fight” on Saturday and it’s just not interesting enough. Maybe I caught a bad match-up or something, but those two guys hugged more than a boy and girl at a 7th grade dance.

12. I’m sticking with my June NFL ’08 prediction: I like the Chargers and Cowboys in the Super Bowl. I think the Saints will be better than advertised and I think the Bengals won’t live up to their hype.

13. So my pre-season baseball prediction of the Cubs beating the Tigers in the World Series is looking halfway decent. The Cubbies have a real shot – the Tigers, don’t.

14. The best CURRENT logo in baseball belongs to the Mets. The best all-time logo in baseball is the old Milwaukee Brewers logo with the “MB” that looks like a baseball glove with a ball in it.

15. Is it me or does Cito Gaston look like the guy from “Weekend at Bernie’s”? I swear, everytime they show Gaston in the dugout, I want to put a mirror in front of his face to make sure he’s breathing.

16. I played in a charity golf event last Monday and saw a fairly popular ex-Oriole at the dinner/reception afterwards. I said, “How are the Birds treating you?” and he said, “The same way they’ve been treating me for 20 years…like I don’t exist.”

17. Troy Smith starts on September 7 vs. Cincinnati.

18. It’s the Browns division to lose. When’s the last time you could say that?

19. Not one single point about Brett Favre. I’m the only guy in the country who can ignore him, it seems.