Sell your Tiger Woods endorsed stocks!

November 29, 2009 |

All of the evidence adds up to, Tiger has been cheating on his wife since June. Rachel Uchitel, who lost her fiance on 9/11 got some cash from the disaster and became a party girl. She was screwing David Boreanaz (from some tv show “Bones”) till August. So she was “bone-ing” both of them for 3mos. She broke it off with the “bone-head” when she found out the a-hole called her from the delivery room while his wife was in labor. The scratches on Tiger’s face are from his wife and happened in the house, not from the accident. Then when she followed him outside and was bashing out his back window with a golf club, he turned back to look at her and crashed into the hydrant. Tiger makes about 2million per week, time for DAMAGE CONTROL I call this, the triple A’s: Admit, Apologize and Amend. (A Kobe Bryant size diamond doesn’t hurt either)