Spring ‘stinger’ for the O’s

April 08, 2007 | Drew Forrester

It’s early in the season, but boy, today’s loss at Yankee Stadium hurt as much as one of those spring-time “stingers” you used to get when you hit one off the end of the bat during an April little league game.

Anyone but A-Rod, the way…Giambi, Jeter, Posada…ANYONE but freakin’ A-Rod.

I just looked up at the TV and saw another missed putt at The Masters. There have been more missed 5-footers than commercials during today’s broadcast.

I know I shouldn’t write this – but I don’t think Tiger is going to win tomorrow. Yeah, I realize the entire field has backed up to him…right now the leader is +2 and Tiger is finished at +3… but something tells me he’s not going to win tomorrow. Right now, I like Padraig Harrington’s chances. I know it’s never smart to bet against Tiger. But I would, especially since the return on a bet would be more with Harrington.

I haven’t checked every player’s hole-by-hole chart from today’s 3rd round, but I know of at least two eagles in our “Eagles for Erinn” campaign. Henrik Stenson and Geoff Ogilvy both eagled #13 this afternoon. Ogilvy’s eagle is especially meaningful because we gave him to about 10 or so people in our on-air drawing(s). I’ll check the entire field’s stats and figure out how many were made today…I know of two for sure.

I’ll be at The Wharf Rat on Pratt St. (across from the baseball stadium) for an opening day get-together at 12 noon on Monday. Come on out and say “hi” if you’re going to the ballgame.