Steve Elkington’s “handbag” tweet — Insensitive…or funny?

February 26, 2014 | Drew Forrester

Former PGA Tour golfer Steve Elkington grabbed everyone’s attention yesterday when he tweeted this out:

@elkpga — ESPN reporting Michael Sam is leading the handbag throw at NFL Combine…No one else expected to throw today.

Deadspin, ESPN and a bunch of other outlets picked up on the tweet and went nuts over it.

Of course, that’s exactly what Elkington wants.

He’s no stranger to trolling on Twitter.  He’s been known for outlandish tweets bashing the President (Elkington is an Australian native, if that matters) and last month produced a tweet jokingly poking fun at a helicopter crash.

I’m not defending Elkington when I say/write this, but it’s true:  Elkington used to be a really good professional golfer (who, oddly, developed a grass allergy) who hasn’t been in the spotlight for a decade or more.  He likes to drink alcohol.  He’s bored.  He used to be a pretty big deal – in golf – and he no longer is.

Now, as of early yesterday afternoon, nearly 50 people had “re-tweeted” Elkington’s “handbag” tweet.

Therein lies the problem.

That’s exactly what Elkington wants.  He wants to be noticed.  He wants to have people laugh at him, poke at him, and say, “That Elkington…he’s a nut!”

A while back, people used to watch Elk play golf and would say, “Damn, that guy is freakin’ good!”

Now, he’s just a rich, worn out ex-touring pro who can probably still shoot 69 with the boys at the club on Saturday morning but would get run over on TOUR week in and week out.

So, now, he’s taken to Twitter to stay in the spotlight and be noticed.

It’s not that different than a certain “contributor” on my blogs who consistently shows up to hammer me no matter what the topic — and it almost always ends up turning personal because, simply, he just doesn’t like me as a person.  After a while, I just stop interacting with him.  Last week when he was particularly nasty towards me, a few other commenters bashed him and it was quickly turning into a snark-fest before I stepped in to tell “my people” to stop.  That’s what the trolls want — they swoop in, say something to rile up the masses, then sit back and giggle.

As I said in my edict to the commenters on my blog last week — “Don’t feed the animals.”

If people are that offended by stupid stuff Steve Elkington posts on Twitter, the easiest thing to do is, a) unfollow him and, b) don’t retweet it if you do follow him.

The great Charley Eckman had a famous line, “It’s a very simple game.”  Elkington isn’t going away anytime soon.  He’s going to be on Twitter today, tomorrow, next month and next year, most likely.  But you don’t have to feed the monster if you’re offended by something he tweets.

I thought the “handbag” tweet was silly.  I giggled, honestly, because it was “so typical” of Elkington I couldn’t help but snicker when I saw the tweet.

But I also know the issue at hand and I knew what Elkington was getting at and it never once dawned on me to retweet his offensive remark.

If it offends you or you consider it offensive, just don’t retweet it and that’s that.

It’s a very simple game.

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  1. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    To be honest with you Drew, I never heard of Steve Elkington, but I don’t follow golf that closely. Your right, you don’t have to feed the monster, just ignore him .

  2. unitastoberry Says:

    Charlie also said which fits this guy,”Call a cab!”

  3. Mike from Carney Says:

    I’ve heard worse jokes on the ole golf course.

  4. Carl Says:

    it’s insensitive AND funny.
    people need to lighten up, at the rate we’re going, we’ll all be muzzled and you (Drew) will be out of a job. (DF: I’ll always have a job as long as I don’t say something stupid about a gay football player leading the handbag toss…)

  5. Who cares!!!!! Says:

    If Micheal Sam can’t take gay backlash, then he should shut the heck up and keep his deviancy to himself, the critics like Steve Elkington would not have to make funny comments nor anyone else for that matter and Drew can go back to writing on the Orioles too. (DF: Yeah, those gays better learn how to take some good natured ribbing, huh? You’re not serious, right?)

  6. BK Says:

    It is not trolling if it is true Drew or it is an honest opinion. You could not be more dead wrong about my intentions. My comments are not meant to rile people up or sit back and laugh. My comments are due to me completely disagreeing with things you write about or do. I apologize for having an opinion or not conforming with the masses about an issue you write about. Sorry to exercise my right to free speech as you guys so eloquently talk about sometimes but then do the exact opposite in most cases. Banning posts that have absolutely NO cursing or threats in them, is NOT a company/person that actually stands for free speech, like you so often talk about or complain about with the Orioles. You are no better than the Orioles in most cases. If I agree with a post or am indifferent, then I usually don’t comment, which is much more often than when i do comment. I post three or four times a month. That is 15+ other times I agree with your posts. I am not going to post to give you a ‘pat on the ass’ in those cases as I doubt that is what you are in it for anyway. (DF: “Banning” posts? Whatever you write gets posted here. If people contribute something here, it gets posted. I don’t mind you contributing, but you can’t lie about stuff, Brian. Everyone knows you don’t like me but you can’t lie about things to support your dislike for me. If you post something here, it goes up. And thanks for telling the truth about your intentions. According to your words, you basically only comment when it’s to DISAGREE with something. When I write something you agree with, though, you refrain from contributing and saying “well done”. OK, that says it all.)

  7. Carl Says:

    Drew, regarding your comment: the point is one day you might accidentally say something “stupid” and your career as a radio personality will be severely compromised. Afterall, we are human and make mistakes, but the culturally elite are not in a forgiving mood and are waiting to pounce on the next victim. (DF: Hey, we all have to be accountable for what we say or do. It’s part of the game. I agree, we all make mistakes…and in the NFL, that “mistake” will cost you 15 yards. At your “real job”, calling someone the n-word would cost you your job or, if nothing else, would go on your personal record there. If I say something wrong on the air, I should be held accountable for it.)

  8. Who cares!!!!! Says:

    Yeah Drew I am SERIOUS, got a problem with that. REAL mean can take some good natured ribbing. Since Sam isn’t a real man of sexuality, I guess he can’t take any ribbing but he can certainly open his big mouth and yell I AM GAY. Geez, crybabies always have that insecure need to be heard.

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