Thursday downpour in Baltimore turns to Friday Mud

August 13, 2010 | Drew Forrester

This is starting to get out of hand a little bit.

I’m now getting e-mails from people saying “Please make Friday Mud an everyday feature at”.  What part of FRIDAY  Mud don’t you people understand?

I will consider an additional “Mud” blog during the week if enough donations come in to sponsor my 2013 foray on the Champions Tour. 

Without further delay, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for…enjoy.

1.  So the 5th hole at the PGA Championship (Whistling Straits) is 598 yards.  The tee-shot is somewhat elevated, granted…but it’s still a 600-yard hole.  And Bubba Watson hit the green in two yesterday.  Wow!…you say…that’s two big pokes.  Yeah, he probably had to buzz a hybrid or a grip-down 3-wood into the green, right?  It’s 600 yards.  Actually, Watson hit wedge into the green.  Wedge.  As in PITCHING.  WEDGE.  I won’t bother to ask how on earth that happens.  I don’t think I want to know.  Or maybe I do want to know and I’d be willing to pay whatever I have to pay to be just like Bubba.  Wedge…for the second shot on a 600 yard hole.  Holy canoli.

2.  The Ravens looked extremely well prepared and “coached up” for last night’s pre-season opener vs. the Panthers.  To their credit, the home team ran hard and made it LOOK like they were in a regular season game.  Sometimes that’s not easy with veteran players who have as much interest in playing a game like that as I do sitting down with Jerry Coleman and trying to explain why running an interview from yesterday can’t be claimed as “exclusive”.  So, kudos to John Harbaugh and his staff for having the team prepared.  That said, I will NEVER understand why coaches feel compelled to put their athletes in positions for which they’re not actually employed — like having Terrence Cody be a fullback.  Terrence Cody isn’t a fullback.  He’s a defensive lineman.  Enough with the gimmicks (already) with this kid.  Don’t risk an injury with Cody just because you want “to be cute” (nod to the late Charley Eckman with that one). 

3.  I know most people in town aren’t following baseball anymore (BTW, the Orioles have won 8 of 10 under Buck Showalter for those of you who haven’t been watching).  But if you’re not keeping up with THIS GUY and the season he’s having, you’re missing out on something special.  You can have Ubaldo Jimenez or Roy Halladay or Josh Johnson or Chris Carpenter in your mythical “one game, winner takes all” scenario and I’ll take my man and I will beat you like a drum every single time.  Take a look again at that dude’s numbers…especially the walks total.  

4.  So this young lady with a Steelers t-shirt on walks into a bar.  It’s eerily quiet and everyone in the place is looking at the TV screens.  “What’s going on?” she asks a man at the bar.  “Plane crash.  Horrible.  The story just broke,” the man replies.  A TV reporter comes on the screen and says, “This much we know so far.  At least one Brazilian is dead and dozens of others are injured in this terrible tragedy.”  The girl with the Steelers t-shirt taps the guy on the shoulder next to her and says, “Wow…that’s so sad.  How many is a Brazilian?”

5.  I played The Cars as today’s “Friday Featured Artist” on The Morning Reaction.  They’re the most underrated band of the last 30 years.  When your greatest hits collection needs 2 CD’s to fill up, you’ve done something. 

6.  Speaking of the late, great Charley Eckman…someone once asked him what was the best play he ever designed while coaching in the NBA.  “There are only two plays,” Eckman said.  “South Pacific.  And put it in the hole.”

7.  It pains me to say this, but HERE is a man who is going to lead his team to a winning season in the NFL this year.  I don’t think it will be enough to get them in the post-season (God, please…NO!) but they’re going to win more games than they lose and it will be mostly because of him.  (Note:  I’m rarely wrong on matters such as these, but I sure hope I’m wrong on this one.)

8.  This is not an exact study or anything.  Just more of a “gut feeling”.  I’m sure as much of a stickler for detail as Tiger Woods is, he charts stuff like this.  Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Woods play poorly in a white shirt.  Just an observation.  I’d like to know the real numbers.  It always seems like he plays well in white…like yesterday in round 1 of the PGA Championship.

9. I find it hard to believe that some team in the majors can’t use Corey Patterson.  He’s had a terrific season…and keep in mind he started the year as an afterthought and a minor league roster filler.  I assume he won’t be back with the Orioles next year, even as the 4th outfielder.  So why not move him and try to get SOMETHING for him?  I don’t get it…

10.  Bigger goof — Jim Gray or Rex Ryan?  Tough call…