Top 10 Baseball Distractions

August 07, 2012 | Glenn Clark

8. Arena Football: ArenaBowl XXV-Philadelphia Soul vs. Arizona Rattlers (Friday 10:30pm from New Orleans live on NFL Network)

As the former Rattlers sideline reporter, I can only assume that with a victory I’ll get a championship ring. Right?

Note: the game is starting at 10:30pm because the NFL Network wants to show Tim Tebow’s first preseason game with the New York Jets live first.

Honest to God, how ridiculous is it that TIM TEBOW is considered more important than the AFL title game???

It would be like me hijacking a post about the ArenaBowl and then posting a shirtless picture of Tebow…

What were we doing here?

7. Pro Wrestling: TNA Hardcore Justice (Sunday 8pm from Orlando live on Pay-Per-View)

So Hulk Hogan’s daughter (Brooke Hogan) is apparently now involved with TNA. Does anyone else want to have THAT conversation again??? (Gentlemen. You KNOW the conversation of which I’m referring to.)

The answer is yes. Everyone knows that.

6. Auto Racing: NASCAR Finger Lakes 335 at The Glen (Sunday 12pm from Watkins Glen, NY live on ESPN)

Didn’t someone tell them it’s spelled with TWO N’S????

Don’t lie to me. You had NO IDEA Dale Earnhardt Jr. was leading the NASCAR points race. I know that because no one else did either. Another thing no one else knew? WE’VE BEEN TO MARS BEFORE!!!

Honestly, what the hell are we all freaking out about this time???

5. Tennis: ATP Tour WTA Tour Rogers Cup (Tuesday & Wednesday 1pm live on Tennis Channel Thursday 1pm Friday 1pm & 7pm Saturday 4:30pm Sunday 7pm live on ESPN2. All men’s tennis from Toronto, women’s tennis from Montreal)

I know Andy Murray is awesome and all, but I swear to God I CANNOT stop watching this GIF of Serena Williams crip walking after she finished her career golden slam…

That rules. I’m ALL IN.