Top 10 Baseball Distractions

August 06, 2013 | Glenn Clark

8. Boxing: Deontay Wilder vs. Sergei Liakhovic (Friday 10pm from Indio, CA live on Showtime)

That’s a big fight. A bigger fight? Man vs. water bottle at Citi Field.

7. College Football: Towson Football Fan Day (Saturday 2:30pm Unitas Stadium)

Elsewhere in College Football, Texas A&M Commerce has a new football fiel…HOLY SH*T MY EYES

6. Auto Racing: NASCAR Cheez-It 355 (Sunday 1pm from Watkins Glen, NY live on ESPN)

Watkins Glen spells its’ name all stupid.

You know who knows how to spell a name? Dennis freaking Reynolds.

5. Tennis: ATP Tour WTA Tour Rogers Cup (Tuesday & Wednesday 11am live on Tennis Channel Thursday 12pm live on ESPN2 6pm live on Tennis Channel Friday 12pm & 8pm live on ESPN2 Saturday 1pm 3pm & 8pm live on ESPN2 Sunday 1pm & 3pm live on ESPN2. All tennis from Montreal/Toronto)

At last week’s Citi Open, Olga Punchkova took out a line judge. No, really.

This would be a bigger deal, but yeah.

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