Who wants to play Mount Pleasant with me?

September 10, 2008 | Drew Forrester

…and help raise money for Maryvale’s Erinn McCarthy Scholarship Fund and the Casey Cares Foundation.

Next Wednesday, September 17, I’ll be hosting the 2nd of our 2008 WNST “Charity Challenge” matches at Mount Pleasant GC (just voted the 12th best public golfing facility in the entire country!).

The first challenge, back in July, pitted me against “Captain” Kirk, Phil Stern (UMBC) and Tony Seaman (Towson).

This time, it’s me against you.

I’m looking for three players with legitimate handicaps (I see enough sandbaggers in my regular group of guys at Mountain Branch…lol) to come out next Wednesday at 1:02 pm and go head to head with me.

I’ll play you (each of you in the group) one-on-one. I’ll play at scratch (no handicap) and you can use your handicap at 80%, which is how the USGA works handicapped events.

What I need are three players who want to help me raise some money. The last time out (in the challenge), I shot 70. I’m putting up $10 for every stroke below 70 this time around…and $20 for every stroke ABOVE 70.

As for you, I want you to get pledges from your friends, co-workers, etc. based on how high or low you score compared to your handicap number.

You don’t have to go the $10 and $20 route…make it a $1 or $2 per-stroke pledge, but get as many pledges as you can.

If any of you beat me (using your handicap), I’ll donate $100 to our two charities.

We’ll split all the proceeds we raise next Wednesday between Maryvale’s Erinn McCarthy Scholarship Fund and the Casey Cares Foundation.

I have seven people who are already interested in playing…I’ll take as many names as I can (drew@wnst.net) and then draw the three participants during this Friday’s edition of The Comcast Morning Show.

The tee-time next Wednesday is 1:02 pm at Mount Pleasant.

Who wants to play against me and help raise some money for charity?

Drop me a note at drew@wnst.net if you’re interested.