Can you believe that the hockey season has started.

October 02, 2009 |


    I know that Baltimore is wrapped up in the Ravens and hockey is generally an afterthought anyway. But before the season get too far along I thought I’d jump in with my preseason thoughts. I know I won’t have the insight of Ed Frankovic, but I’ll give it my best shot.


     Is it just me or does it feel like Sidney Crosby was “forgetting” to shake the Red Wings hands just a few days ago. To be fair, I looked it up. It was 110 days between the seasons. I thought maybe the season was starting earlier than it used to, but again I was wrong. I watched a Dallas Stars video yesterday and they played their first regular season game on an October 5th in 1993. I guess this has always been the way. So who am I to ask Ovechkin and Malkin and Thornton to wait on my schedule. Therefore, without further ado here are my 2009-10 picks.


                                  2010   NHL   Final Standings

                                  (   Playoff teams are in bold   )


     Atlantic                                                                        Central

1.  Philadelphia                                                         Chicago

2. Pittsburgh                                                              Detroit

3.  NY Rangers                                                           Columbus

4.  New Jersey  ( I know this is risky)                          St. Louis

5.  NY Islanders                                                            Nashville


       Northeast                                                           Northwest

1.    Montreal                                                            Calgary

2.  Boston                                                                   Vancouver

3.  Toronto                                                               Colorado

4.  Buffalo                                                                      Edmonton

5.  Ottawa                                                                      Minnesota


    Southeast                                                                Pacific

1.  Washington                                                      San Jose

2.  Carolina                                                               Dallas

3.   Atlanta                                                                   Anaheim

4.  Tampa Bay                                                            Los Angeles

5.  Florida                                                                      Phoenix



Hart Trophy  (MVP):  Evgeni Malkin,  Pitt

  I thought he had a strong case last year. I think he’ll make an even better one this year.


Vezina Trophy (Top Goalie):   Evgeni Nabokov,   SJ

  As you’ll see later, I think it will finally be the Sharks year.


   Adams Trophy  (Top coach):  Jacques Martin,  Mont

  I see the veteran Martin leading a resurgence in Montreal.


  Calder Trophy  ( Top Rookie):  Victor Hedman ,  D    TB

  The Big Swedish defenseman will make an immediate impact on the Lightning frontline.


                                                  2010   Play-offs

1st Round

Philadelphia  over  Toronto                          Chicago  over  Colorado

Washington  over  Carolina                            San Jose  over  Anaheim

NY Rangers   over   Montreal                         Dallas  over   Calgary

Pittsburgh   over    Boston                              Vancouver  over  Detroit


        2nd Round

Philadelphia  over  NY Rangers                   Dallas   over   Chicago

Pittsburgh   over   Washington                     San Jose  over  Vancouver


 Conference Finals

 Pittsburgh  over   Philadelphia                     San Jose  over  Dallas


    Stanley Cup Finals

   San Jose  over    Pittsburgh     4  games  to  2

    Why San Jose?

This has happened before. NY Rangers in the early 90’s. Dallas Stars in the late 90’s. What am I talking about. Teams that dominated the regular season but disappointing in the post season, finally breaking through. San Jose has been the best team in hockey from October to April recently. They just keep getting upset by teams like the Stars (in ’08) and the Ducks (last year). These were veteran teams that had been there before. I just think that now is the Sharks turn. I think Joe Thornton is ready for something more. They brought in Dany Heatley and some quality role players. And finally Evgeni Nabokov needs to show that he is a big time goalie when it really counts. Am I incredibly confident about this pick?    No. But I do feel good about the Sharks chances.