Willy Rags

Tom Wilson’s Late Game Eruption Leads the Caps over the Rangers

December 08, 2017 | Ed Frankovic

The Caps lose a 2-0 lead, but Tom Wilson steps up late to set up the game winner by Matt Niskanen and then adds the fourth goal himself.

Ovi Holts Chicago

Ovechkin, Caps Keep Rolling in 6-2 Rout of Chicago

December 07, 2017 | Ed Frankovic

Alex Ovechkin and Tom Wilson both rack up four points as Washington’s top line dominates the Blackhawks.

Grubi Sharks

Grubauer and Ovechkin Help End Caps Drought vs. San Jose

December 05, 2017 | Ed Frankovic

Philipp Grubauer stops 24 shots and Alex Ovechkin scores again as the Caps get a rare win over San Jose

Kuzy CBus

Holtby and Kuznetsov Help Caps Squeak by Columbus

December 03, 2017 | Ed Frankovic

The Caps start fast and then hold on against the young and hard working 1st Place Blue Jackets.

Ovi Backy Leafs

Alex Ovechkin’s Spectacular Night On and Off the Ice Leads the Caps over Toronto

November 25, 2017 | Ed Frankovic

Alex Ovechkin puts on a show for his special guest on Saturday night, 13 year old cancer survivor Alex Luey.

Ovi TB

Grubauer Stops Tampa to Earn his 1st Victory of 2017-18

November 25, 2017 | Ed Frankovic

The Capitals put out a maximum effort on Friday evening and knocked off the best team in the Eastern Conference.

Vrana Sens

Caps Amp Up Their Effort Level in 5-2 Win Over Ottawa

November 23, 2017 | Ed Frankovic

The Caps put forth a much more determined effort to knock off a fast Ottawa team.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 1.49.41 AM

Caps Get Total Team Effort in Win Over Wild

November 18, 2017 | Ed Frankovic

After a bad road trip, the Caps rebound with a 3-1 victory over the Minnesota Wild.

Holtby Oil

Braden Holtby Steals A Win For the Caps

November 12, 2017 | Ed Frankovic

Braden Holtby’s outstanding goaltending allows the Caps to prevail, 2-1, in the shootout.

Caps Over Pens Nov 2017

Caps Get Total Team Effort in Victory Over Pittsburgh

November 10, 2017 | Ed Frankovic

The Capitals play their best game of the season in a huge 4-1 victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins.