Another amazing performance from Rachel Alexandra

June 28, 2009 |


     Maybe it’s wrong for me to be so in love with a horse. I saw (about 5 minutes of) a documentary about some taboo animal love on Showtime called “Zoo”. I don’t think I am to that stage yet, but I admit that I think Rachel Alexandra might be the finest animal I have ever seen.

     I wasn’t born yet when Secretariat ran his three year old year and I wasn’t quite in kindergarten for Seattle Slew, so I wasn’t a part of their excellence. Judging  just the era I’ve witnessed, I think she is up there with Cigar, Silver Charm, Sunday Silence.  I hope we see her race for as long as she can get out there, but I doubt Jess Jackson paid all that money for her not to begin producing foals next year. So yesterday’s performance in the Mother Goose is probably one of the last 3 or 4 times we will ever get to see her.

      It makes me a little sad to know the end will come so close to the beginning, but she makes it better by putting in such beautiful and dominating performances. She won the Grade I race by 19 1/2 lengths and toyed with the two fillies that dared to challenge her. She scared off most of the competition, but its not her fault only two others stepped to the plate. She can only face who is willing to race her.She toyed with them. She allowed them to have the lead until the  turn and then blasted by them in about 6 strides. She continued to build up a huge victory margin and break the stakes record, even though Calvin Borel more or less stood in the saddle for the final eighth of a mile.

            Her performance was yet again awe inspiring. If you like horse racing , look it up on It was the Mother Gooses stakes at Belmont. I look forward to the rest of her racing career. I just have one request of owner Jess Jackson and trainer Steve Asmussen.  RUN HER IN THE BREEDERS CUP. I know that it didn’t work out with Curlin last year, and I know that you hate the synthetic stuff. I hate it too. I think it ruins dirt racing in this country and only provides the most minimal health advantage. But for better or worse, the Breeders Cup is at Santa Anita this year and they have it. Rachel Alexandra is an all-time great, her only female competition in the world is Zenyatta. If Rachel is as great as you or I think she is, she will make the adjustments. The horse racing world deserves to see if she is as great as we hope. The only way to do that is by putting her against the world and Zenyatta at the Breeders Cup. If she overcomes the synthetics there, you may have the best filly EVER.