I’m betting on Papa Clem again…

May 16, 2009 | Nestor Aparicio

For all of the reasons that I mentioned two weeks ago when the horses turned for home at Churchill Downs, I’m betting on Papa Clem again today. And, just because Clem Florio loved women as much as I do, I’m doing an exacta box with Rachel Alexandra as well. I might even throw Pioneer Of The Nile into a triple box and see if I can make some real money today at Pimlico.

Weather looks more than dreary so far, but I’m headed over to the infield shortly to see what’s different about the first Preakness where underage kids aren’t holding 10 cases of beer on a beat-up 8-foot table waiting to go inside to run across urinals and have people throw objects at them.

It might actually be fun this year. At least, I’m thinking this will be a great day!

Stacey Keibler, Charm City Devils, Buckcherry (who I dig, but I’ve never seen) and ZZ Top should make the day a great one.

Happy Preakness to all of you who still care about stuff like civic pride and sentimentality.

Go Papa Clem!