InfieldFEST at Pimlico on Derby Day announced

March 09, 2011 | Gary Quill

On March 4th without any fanfare or press release, the folks who organize the InfieldFEST for Preakness made a major announcement…on their facebook page (InfieldFEST at Preakness!).


InfiledFEST at Preakness! logo


Being billed as The Final Preakness Prep, the Maryland Jockey Club (MJC) will open the infield Beer Garden at Pimlico Race Course on Kentucky Derby Day, Saturday, May 7th so fans can rock out to the tunes of the Plain White T’s and Sons Of The Radio. This Pre-Preakness event will start at 12 noon and will feature a $30 all ages concert including bottomless mug for those 21+ while unlimited soda and water will be available for all ages. Tickets can be purchased by calling the Preakness sales office at 410-542-9400.


2011 Preakness logo

Preakness Day Infield fans are still awaiting word on the musical entertainment acts. The story coming out of the MJC is that plans are being finalized and the announcement will be made soon. Tickets are $40 in advance through Ticketmaster or the Preakness Ticket Sales Office through Sunday, May 15th. Procrastinators who wait until Preakness Week (May 16th-20th) will need to shell-out $50. Those interested in The MUG Club package (includes souvenir mug with unlimited refills of beer) will need to part with $60 in advance and $70 during Preakness Week.


Many Preakness patrons who purchased the MUG CLUB in its debut year found only one brand of beer and very long lines. I inquired whether any changes and/or improvements were planned for this years MUG CLUB and was told, “We learned a lot from last year and we are re-vamping the whole mug club to be faster and more efficient. We will have the details shortly on more lines, better keg set ups, and more. We have lots of ideas on how to greatly improve the mug clubs and we used them to create this year’s set up.” 


If the Infield isn’t your “bag”, seating information and ticket reservations are available at Tickets can be bought by calling the Preakness sales office (410-542-9400) or 877-206-8042, extension 300 or at