Top Ten Reasons Breeders Cup Is Better Than…

November 01, 2011 | Gary Quill

The Breeders’ Cup is thoroughbred horse racings “Fall Classic”. For the past 25 years during this time of year, the Breeders’ Cup has represented the very best in the sport of horse racing. For the past 40+ years I have followed thoroughbred horse racing with a passion that rivals the most ravenous Ravens fan, the most die-hardest Orioles fan as well as the most Capitals ice hockey, Maryland Terp and NASCAR fan.

                               Breeders' Cup logo

So with tongue in cheek, for the first time in over three years of blogging on, I offer up my very first “list”. Something you have come accustom to when listening to 1570 AM in Baltimore and/or reading other blogs on this website.


 Animal Kingdom and Graham Motion   Strike and Lockout photo

#10 – Thoroughbreds never go on strike and horse owners never lockout their athletes
          from the training facilities (re: any professional sport over the past 30 years).


 Racing in the rain    Charlie Brown baseball rainouts      

 #9 – No rainouts (re: MLB)


 Churchill Downs race into first turn     NASCAR photo


 #8 – 15 exciting chase scenes (re: NASCAR just one real long one)


  pari-mutuel tickets       Cartoon Bookie


#7 – When you make a wager and win, you ALWAYS get paid off (re: your bookie of choice)


Uncle Mo scratched from Derby      NBA player injured

 #6 – No injury reports to worry about (re: all Fantasy Games). Sure, horses get scratched,
         but horseplayers just pick the next best selection to play.


 Looking At Lucky winning the Preakness      John Harbaugh arguing with referee


#5 – No bad calls or Instant Replays to delay action (re: NFL, MLB and NBA)



        Suck 4 Luck

 #4 – Horses won’t suck on purpose since there is no draft (re: NFL and Andrew Luck)


Zenyatta and Blame phto finish    Texas Rangers choke       

 #3 – When a horse gets beat at the wire, those who bet on him/her never complain that
         their horse “Choked” (re: Texas Rangers)



 Best entertainment   Movie theatre

Football fans fighting   Ice Hockey Fan fighting

#2 – Best entertainment value: Breeders’ Cup offers over 10 hours of action and 
        numerous chances to WIN money, compared to…
        … 90 minute movie… 2 tickets + popcorn + 2 sodas = $50

        … 3½ hour MLB game…2 box seat tickets + 2 hot dog + 4 beers = $125

        … 3 hour NFL game… 2 tickets + 8 beers + hearing unlimited “F Bombs” = $450

        … 2 hour NHL game… 2 tickets + nachos + 4 beers = $180

        … 2 hour NBA game… Oooops, there are none!


 Kegasus                  Oriole Bird Sad 

 #1 – You will never have to endure 14 straight losing seasons (re: Baltimore Orioles)  





After watching the stretch drive from the 2010 Breeders’ Cup Classic, maybe then you might get just a bit curious and checkout the Breeders’ Cup races this weekend?


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