Flacco: “I’m OK with Terrell Suggs”

October 24, 2008 |

It’s back to work for us this Sunday when we play the Raiders.  We’ve been watching film on them this week and they have a very opportunistic defense.  Every week I’m seeing different players, different schemes and different formations and I have to study a lot of tape to make sure I’m ready to put our game plan into action.

We had a really good overall team performance at Miami last week.  As I’ve been saying all year, the offensive line rose to the occasion and did a great job in protecting me.  It’s much easier to make the right read and the right decision when your line is keeping the defense away from you.  All credit goes to those guys and our receivers who made the catches.

I’m not one who gets worked up about team controversies and stuff like that because I’m too busy trying to take care of my game for Sunday, but some people have asked me questions about the comments Terrell made on a radio show earlier this week.  All I can say is Terrell came up to me and explained his comments and I’m OK wth everything…we have a football game to play on Sunday and that’s what I’m focused on.  As a rookie in the league, you have to dedicate all of your available time to studying, learning and preparing.  I have to be ready for Sunday against Oakland.  That’s my only concern right now.

We’ve had a really good week of practice and I’m confident we’ll be ready to play on Sunday.  I hope you all enjoy yourself at the game and I’ll catch up with Drew at 8:30 next Tuesday morning to talk about it.