Getting ready for the Browns

September 19, 2008 |

Every Friday, Ravens QB Joe Flacco blogs at, providing insight into this week’s preparations and his life as a rookie in th NFL.

We’ve had a really good couple of days practice this week in preparation for the Browns. One of the biggest differences between college football and pro football – for me – is that in the pro game, you’re really putting in work every single day in order to get better and be prepared for your next opponent. At Delaware, we had to focus on our classes and the football field but in the NFL, all of that work goes into the next game. I really enjoy that part of being a professional.

Coach Harbaugh’s message to us really hasn’t changed much since the season started. He wants us to have fun playing the game of football. I like that message. The other theme he uses a lot is that the game we’re playing next is all about us. That doesn’t mean we’re not aware of what our next opponent is capable of doing, because we’re watching film and studying everything the other team can do. In the end, though, the coaches want us to think about how we’re going to play and how we’re going to react in certain situations. If we take care of OUR business out there, we’ll be fine. That’s also a message I like to hear. Let’s just take care of ourselves and do the best we can with our game-plan and it should all work out on Sunday.

I feel like I’m learning all the time. Todd Bouman has shared a lot of his veteran experiences with me and it’s been very helpful. I’m just trying to stay focused on this game and the Cleveland Browns and not worry so much about what else lies ahead. We know Cleveland will be coming to town in need of a win, but the way we look at it is that we need a win too.

I hope you all have fun at the game on Sunday and I’ll be back here at next Friday. I’ll join Drew on 8:30 am on Tuesday to talk about next week’s game with Pittsburgh.