Heading to the Steel City

September 26, 2008 |

Here’s another installment of “Joe Friday”, Joe Flacco’s personal blog that covers all things Ravens, rookies and life in the NFL. Joe also joins Drew Forrester on The Comcast Morning Show every Tuesday at 8:30 am.

So it’s off to Pittsburgh now for the 3rd game of the year. The guys are really excited about playing the Steelers and I can sense there’s a special rivalry with them just by hearing some of the talk and conversation in the locker room. To me, it’s just another game that I have to get ready for but I’m becoming more and more aware of the history between the teams. John Harbaugh hasn’t mentioned any of that to us as a team. Maybe he’ll bring it up later this week or maybe he’ll just let the players talk about it amongst themselves.

When I was at Pitt for two years, Heinz Field was our home field, so I’ve been in the stadium a bunch of times. It’s going to be fun to be back there again and playing in an NFL game. I’m still approaching this game like all the others. It’s football and it’s supposed to be fun. If we follow the game plan and take care of our business and focus on what we’re supposed to do, it can be fun for all of us.

On a personal note, it was good to Dawan Landry in the locker room today after his injury on Sunday. That was a scary scene and we were all very relieved to hear that he was OK. It’s also good to see Troy Smith back at practice after his illness. He’s getting close to being back in the kind of shape he was in before he got sick.

I didn’t know anything about the Pittsburgh newspaper columnist’s prediction of a 35-10 Steelers win until Drew brought it up to me. We’ll see how it all works out on Monday, I guess. I have some old college friends coming to the game in Pittsburgh so it will be good to see them. My family will watch this one on TV back home.

I hear there are some busloads of fans coming to the game from Baltimore. Have fun and be safe up there! I’ll visit with Drew next Tuesday at 8:30 am on his show. Thanks for your support!