It’s Playoff Time Baltimore, How Do You feel?

December 31, 2012 | Josh Michael

The 2012 NFL regular season has come to an end and the real season is about to begin as the Playoffs will kick off Saturday, but the Baltimore Ravens will host the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday at 1pm.

How will the Ravens do? That is the question on every Ravens’ fans mind, and I am here to share my opinion. Baltimore comes in having lost four of their last five games, although yesterday it was apparent the Ravens were not worried about winning, as they chose health over 11-5. First, I do not have any problem with what Baltimore did yesterday because it was a very slim chance that the Patriots were going to lose to the Dolphins yesterday to give Baltimore a chance at the three seed with a victory, so making sure your key guys are healthy for the playoffs was and should have been more important.

I honestly like this team’s chances at making a serious playoff run as honestly, it is a minor miracle that this team made the playoffs with all of the injuries that they suffered, especially on the defensive side of the football. The Ravens found ways to win early in the season in games where they honestly had no right to win, which is why I like their chances. This team has been battle tested and have shown they do not care if they win ugly, as long as they win! That is going to be huge for this team in the playoffs, and is one of the main reasons I feel strongly that the Ravens can make a serious run in the postseason.

Another reason I have reason to believe is the vast improvement of this defense over the last several weeks. Early in the season it was apparent that the 2012 Ravens defense is not what Baltimore was used to seeing, but as the season has progressed this defense has gotten better and better. Cary Williams has really had a good season, despite his early struggles and Corey Graham has really come on as well. The performances by Dannell Ellerbe and Paul Kruger since Terrell Suggs returned has been tremendous, and Kruger has nine sacks this season.

I also believe that this offense has turned a page under Jim Caldwell, I know it has really only been two games, but what they showed against the Giants is the ability to understand matchups and even yesterday we saw them exploit the middle of the field, which is something that hardly ever seemed to happen under Cam Cameron.

Call me crazy, or a homer, but I love Baltimore’s chances in the Playoffs……we shall see, starting this Sunday at 1pm!

What do you think about the Ravens playoff chances?