On to Houston we go

September 12, 2008 |

Each Friday at WNST.net, Ravens QB Joe Flacco offers his personal blog on all things rookies, Ravens and life in the NFL.

We’ve had a great week of practice after our season opening win last Sunday and now we’re just ready to play the Texans on Monday.

Now that the season has started it really does become sort of a week-by-week approach.  You play the game, you take Monday to review the film and see what you did, and then you start preparing for the next opponent. It’s good to get into that kind of flow.  The players have done a pretty good job of keeping me in check this week and reminding me I’m still a rookie, but I know that’s part of the experience.

Sunday’s win over the Bengals was a lot of fun.  I thought I did a pretty good job out there and the rest of the team came through with a bunch of big plays.  I tried to treat the game just like any other football game I’ve played.  I guess I never thought my first touchdown in the NFL would be a 38-yard run, but you have to take them any way you can.  I have to admit that I do have the ball from the touchdown run…the equipment manager got it for me and gave it to me after the game.  That’s a neat momento to have, but the win was more important.  It was also a lot of fun to go out afterwards and have dinner with my family and my girlfriend.  Like I wrote last week, that was one of the benefits of playing my first pro game at home.

I still have a lot to prove, obviously, and we know, as a team, that we just need to keep getting better as well. But last week was a great start for us and we’re excited about playing the Texans.

I’ll catch up with you during Drew’s show next Wednesday morning at 8:30 (instead of Tuesday) because we’ll be traveling back to Baltimore after Monday’s game.