Ravens FINALLY Win in Miami!

October 19, 2008 |

I wish I could stay and chat with everyone but I have to go shuck oysters and steam crabs…ah, the things you do to put yourself through graduate school.

Anyway, the Baltimore Ravens marched into Miami and took care of business today, making key stops on defense and showing some surprising offensive effectiveness to seal the win. The Ravens got their first win in franchise history on the road against the fish. Here are some quick thoughts about the game:

-I don’t care what anyone says. With our schedule, this WAS a must win game for the Ravens.

-I blogged about it earlier this week, but I’ve always had a feeling that we’d see more of Ray Rice against the Dolphins. I think he played very well in his limited role.

-The defense has regained its swagger, even with Frank Walker filling in for Chris McAlister. By the way, I think Frank Walker must’ve been reading our blogs at WNST.net and used it as motivation…he actually looked like an NFL DB this week.

-Many of us have speculated that McAlister’s injury has been worse than reported; I think that was confirmed today.

-FINALLY we get a big game from Willis McGahee. He still doesn’t look 100%, but he certainly improved from the previous weeks. He still looks slow when changing direction. But, this shows what the Ravens offense can bring to the table with an effective premiere running back.

-Flacco was extremely efficient and undoubtedly played his best game as a pro QB.

-It was good to see Heap get some separation from the defense this week, although Flacco missed him at least twice. But that’s fine…this could be the break-out game that we’ve been waiting for…hopefully Heap and Flacco carry this confidence into next week.

Well that’s all for now. Sorry for the short recap, but check back later this week for game ball picks as well as predictions for the Raiders game. Also, don’t forget to check out WNST’s coverage of Towson University Football!