Ready for the big game!

December 12, 2008 |

Congratulations to James Madison and Richmond of the CAA for making it to the final four of the Football Championship Subdivision.  It would be really cool if they both win this weekend and play one another in the title game next week.  I’m pulling for them.  It’s great to see the CAA getting some recognition and
Richmond’s win at Appalachian State sent some shock waves around the FCS, that’s for sure.

We’ve had a great week of practice in preparation for the Steelers.  I know it sounds like the same old, same old, but our approach hasn’t changed at all.  We’re not focusing on the team we’re playing – we’re focusing on our game plan and how we execute it.

I’m hearing there was a NFL highlight show that showed me on the bench in the late stages of the Redskins game giving my teammates some, uh, encouragement (is that the right word?).

Drew tells me a few of my words had to bleeped out — hey, it was a big win, what can I say!??  I was excited!

Everyone keeps asking me all week if it was really cold on the field last Sunday night.


REALLY cold.

But it didn’t bother me at all.  Once the game gets going, you’re just not thinking about it.  The TV time-outs and all that standing around can make you a little stiff if you don’t keep moving…but for the most part, you’re too busy moving around and thinking about the game to let the cold affect you.

And yes, I’ve checked the weather for this Sunday.  Sunny and 47.  Looks perfect to me.