Ready for the Titans

October 03, 2008 |

Well, my first NFL loss is in the books but we really didn’t dwell on it too much after the game.  As soon as we got on the plane to come home, guys started talking about bouncing back against Tennessee and how we need to make sure we don’t let one loss take away from what we’re trying to do.  Sometimes after a loss it’s hard to think about the positive things that happened, but we did some good stuff on offense in Pittsbugh that we can hopefullly continue to carry over into this Sunday and beyond.

Because of what happened in week #2 at Houston, we haven’t really had a typical week-to-week schedule and that includes this week, because we played on Monday night.  I don’t mind so much, because I feel really good health-wise, but I’m sure as the season goes on we’ll cherish a day or two of rest after a Sunday game.

Someone asked me if I got the ball on the touchdown pass I threw to Dan Wilcox on Monday.  I’m not sure where it is.  Maybe Dan has it?  It’s OK, because I got the one from my first NFL touchdown, the run against the Bengals, so Dan can have this one if, in fact, he has it.

I can sense the fans are still really worked up about that Steelers game but we have to just put our head down and move on and put that game behind us.  Hopefully we’ll give them something good to get worked up about this Sunday.

Willie Anderson is a big addition to our offensive line.  I’m starting to see why he was so highly regarded in Cincinnati all those years.  Those guys have all done a great job protecting me and opening up running lanes in the three games so far and Willie just adds to the quality of our line.

I’ve been watching the baseball playoffs this week.  I grew up watching the Phillies, but I wasn’t a crazy die-hard Phillies fan.  We’d go to four or five home games in Philadelphia each summer, so I root for them whenever they’re doing well, like right now in the playoffs.

Have a great weekend and enjoy yourselves at the game on Sunday. I’ll be on with Drew next Tuesday morning at 8:30 to talk about the Titans game and look ahead to the Colts.