Someone please shut up Skip Bayless from ESPN

November 07, 2012 | Josh Michael

I don’t know if you caught it yesterday when Skip Bayless was on ESPN, and if you are like me, I am sure you didn’t until you heard what he said. Bayless stated that the Ravens would “lose seven in a row and miss the playoffs.” WHAT???? This guy is an absolute idiot, and Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs felt the same way as he was the guest on the show and said “I still don’t know how this guy has a job,” AMEN Suggs.

Bayless went on and on with reasons as to why Baltimore was going to lose seven in a row, including because we are missing Ray Lewis and Suggs responded with “our record last year without him was 4-0” and Bayless just responded with “I don’t care,” of course he doesn’t care because it proves him wrong. Suggs also was emphatic with Bayless on the fact that Baltimore still has four home games and asked if Bayless knew their record at home the last couple of years, and again Bayless didn’t care.

All Skip kept saying was how bad Houston beat Baltimore, and Suggs said yeah they beat us up good, and played a near perfect game, but “we’ll see them again.” Bayless disagreed. Then Bayless mentioned the Dallas game and wanted Suggs to make excuses as to why it was close, and Suggs emphatically and loudly stated “They still lost!” Fact!

Terrell was also defending Joe Flacco the entire time he was on the show as Bayless continuously called Flacco, “Flunko” and said how poorly he played against Kansas City and Cleveland, and mentioned Tim Tebow beat Kansas City last year and the win was all that mattered, then Suggs went off and said well we are 6-2 and apparently our wins don’t matterm which Skip had no response to as he ignored the statement. But Bayless went on to say if Tim Tebow had a job he would be better than Joe Flacco. WHAT??? If Tebow was better than Flacco, he would have a job. Also he asked Suggs if having Flacco is a good thing, to which Suggs replied with “it’s a great thing!”

Lastly, as if Bayless had not been disrespectful already, he asked Suggs “are you a shell of your former self?” How disrespectful can you be? Suggs is not even 100% healthy, tore his ACL just six months ago and is playing great football!

I hate to harp on such a worthless piece of $#!* like Skip Bayless, but someone needs to find him in a back alley and shut him up!