Top Ten Reasons You Shouldn’t Bash Flacco

December 15, 2012 | Marty Mossa

Joe Flacco…………….Kyle Boller

There has been a lot of bantering about in town lately. I am usually five years behind the times when it comes to fashion, but it appears that it has indeed become quite fashionable to bash Joe Flacco lately.

I guess you could argue that the guy has regressed over the course of the last five seasons. Perhaps that is because when he was drafted in 2008 the expectations were very low. The Ravens just came off a a dismal 5-11 season in 2007. Brian Billick was just fired. And there was no reason to believe that some unknown QB from Delaware would be the answers to our prayers. But Joe Flacco proved them wrong. He led the Ravens to four straight playoff appearances, two AFC Title Games, and an impressive 5-4 playoff record. Four out of the five victories were on the road.

Fast forward to 2012. The pressure on Joe has grown tenfold in the last five years. He and the Ravens are a victims of their own success. The fans don’t only want a mere fifth straight (eighth in sixteen seasons) playoff berth; they want to go to the Super Bowl.

It’s well documentedof course; the Ravens came very close to upsetting Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers in 2009 to go to the Super Bowl. There were no expectations back then, so everyone was happy and looking forward to better times ahead.

But then Flacco and the offense totally imploded in Pittsburgh two years later blowing a third quarter 14 point lead in Pittsburgh in the divisional round. They were outscored by the Steelers 24-3 in the second half of that game.

Last year in New England Falcco out played Tom Brady and was a catchable pass away from going to the Super Bowl. This year he and the offense looked at times stellar and other times like a Pop-Warner football team.

Now this year at 9-2 and with the Steelers limping into to town it looked like the Ravens were poised not only to take the AFC North title in week 12, but also cement the bye as the second seed. Joe threw a terrible pick, and fumbled at the most inopportune time and allowed the Steelers to tie the game and win at the buzzer. Then last week in DC, Joe threw an ill-advised pass on the Redskin’s 15 yard line that was picked off. Three points there would have iced the game.

There are many factors affecting Joe: He’s starting to feel the pressure and now has the deer in the head lights look. Also the play calling was horrific. As proven in week 12 when one of the best backs in the NFL, Ray Rice got NO touches in the fourth quarter against the Steelers we lose. BYE BYE CAM!!!!!!!

In saying all this however; Joe Flacco is still the best quarter back ever to go under center in Baltimore. For those of you like me who were here on the ground floor in 1996; you remember the horrible football displayed by this team winning only 16 games in the first three years. You will remember the turn style of quarterbacks that paraded through Charm City. So for those of you either too young to remember or who jumped on the bandwagon after Super Bowl XXXV; here are the

•Reason#10:Eric Zeier: He backed up Vinny Testaverti-ENOUGH SAID
•Reason#9: Stoney Case: STONEY CASE-ENOUGH SAID
•Reason#8: Scott Mitchell: Billick’s “leap” of faith was more like a crash and burn.
•Reason#7: Anthony Wright: YOU STUNK!!
•Reason#6: Jeff Blake:”I’m not here to mentor QB’s, I’m here to play” Hey Jeff didn’t you hear there are no “I’s” in team? Good riddance to you sir.
•Reason#5: Tony Banks: There’s a reason St. Louis let you go in a favor of an indoor football league QB.
•Reason#4: Chris Redman: like Johnny Unitas, drafted out of Louisville, comparison ENDS there.
•Reason#3: Randall Cunningham, old crafty veteran, but a better alternative to Elvis.
•Reason#2: Elvis Grbek: BUST BUST BUST

KYLE BOLLER-How can anyone forget that fiasco?

We gave up two number one picks in 2003 for him. He had the nerve to hold out before signing a contract. Do you all remember how many times he used to sack himself tripping over his own feet?
Now I hope after you read this blog, you realize how fortunate we are having Joe under center. He’s no Elway, or Montana, but he’s no Jeff Blake or Kyle Boller either.