We know the fans are ready for the Skins

December 05, 2008 |

We’ve worked hard this week to get ready for the Redskins.  I’ve been out in the community a little bit this week and I can sense that a Baltimore-Washington game has some extra special meaning to it for the fans.  We’re not downplaying that the game is important to the fans but what matters most to us is winning.  It doesn’t matter who we play, we need to win on Sunday.  That’s our approach every week.

The team we’re playing doesn’t matter…what matters is winning!

I feel really good at the 12-game mark of the season and I have my offensive line and the rest of the guys who do the blocking to thank for that. The game is very physical and I’ve taken my fair share of hard hits this year but a big reason I’ve stayed healthy is because of the protection I’ve received.

We’re looking forward to Sunday night.  I hope those of you who are going have a great time at the game.  I’ll talk with Drew on Tuesday at 8:30 am.