With dominating win over 49ers, Ravens continue on unfamiliar path

November 25, 2011 | Peter Dilutis

If it wasn’t clear before the Ravens took the field on Thanksgiving night, it should be clear for all to see and realize now…

This version of the Baltimore Ravens has no ceiling. There are no limits.

We all know this team has lost to three below average teams in the Titans, Jaguars, and Seahawks. But they’ve also proven on numerous occasions that they can hang with the best teams in the NFL, and Thursday night was no exception.

At 8-3, the Ravens have the Colts, Chargers, Bengals, and two games against the Browns left on their schedule.

The Ravens are staring down a 12-4 or 13-3 season. If they drop one more game, they will need to hope that the Patriots and especially the Steelers do the same. If the Ravens are going to reach their ceiling in 2011, they will likely need at least the first round BYE.

But with the position they are in now, the overall #1 seed in the AFC is the clear goal at this point.

This isn’t your grandfather’s Ravens team. Yes, the Ravens have been good more than they’ve been bad this past decade, but aside from maybe 2006, they’ve never been THAT team. They’ve never been a clear favorite for anything, even when they made their Super Bowl run in 2000.

With five games left against inferior teams, this team can create January magic that this city hasn’t witnessed since football came back to Baltimore in 1996.

The Ravens are five games (and they’ll be clear favorites in each) away from having just two home games standing in the way of a trip to the Super Bowl.

That’s pretty legit stuff right there. No more #6 seed. No more having to win three road games in crazy atmospheres in the playoffs.

This is a different team and a different year.