College Lacrosse today UNREAL

March 23, 2008 | Glenn Clark

If I can get a Crabs and Beer up tonight; I promise I will discuss this further; but when scooting over to tonight to check out what’s been happening while I’ve been buried in College Hoops AND Spring Training action (side note: I was at Texas-Seattle today: is Tug Hulett related to Tim? I will check….); I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

Just when we were convinced that Maryland was the 4th of 4 in the ACC; they beat Carolina on the road. Just when I declared that Duke was absolutely unbeatable as is: they fall to Georgetown 11-7. Just when I thought Hopkins couldn’t POSSIBLY lose another game in OT; they do!

Plus, UMBC goes 2 overtimes to win at Ohio State and Mount Saint Mary’s even gets a win over Wagner.

Great day.